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Columbia/Tri-Star; released June 21, 2001
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General goofiness
Posted by Tim Speicher on November 2, 2003  |  2.5 / 5
Insert disc 1
At the main menu, highlight 'Play Movie.' Then press the 'Left' arrow key on and a new selection called 'Donít Play Movie' will appear. Press 'Enter' and you will be treated to one of 5 randomly selected messages. If you go to the 'Scene Selections' on the same disc and go all the way to the last screen, you can find another hidden feature. Once on the page for the final scene selections, hit the '3' key twice on your remote and you will get to see a short clip called 'How Jay Thinks Kevin Directs' will play. The clip features Kevin Smith playing Jason Mewes with the Jay action figure, and Jason Mewes playing Kevin Smith with the Silent Bob action figure. A third hidden feature can be found on the second disc of the set. Insert the disc and go to the 'Deleted Scenes.' Once again, go through all the pages, all the way to the last selection page of these scenes and then press '2' and '4' on your remote. You will now be treated to a clip called 'How Kevin Directs.' The clip features Kevin Smith playing himself with the Silent Bob action figure and Jason Mewes playing himself with the Jay action figure.
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