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Seinfeld, Season 5
Other; released November 30, 1999
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Seinfeld, Season 5
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Posted by pat on February 22, 2007  |  3.5 / 5
Go to Season Five's third disc's episode "The Pie." I discovered this one accidentally, with my DVD-ROM player. My mouse will do the work for me and I just stumbled upon a blooper by clicking on the "TV Listings" button at the upper-left-hand-corner of the episode sub-menu. It runs just under a minute (49 seconds) and is a blooper from the final scene with "Ricky", his boss, and the dummy.

To access the feature with a standard DVD player remote, go to the episode sub-menu ("The Pie"), and up-click three-times, followed by a solitary left-click.
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