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General goofiness
Posted by Loren Moody on November 8, 2003  |  2.0 / 5
From the main menu on the Bonus Material disc, select the Monsters Only door. In the following menu, arrow right to highlight the eye in the center of the M. Press Enter for a short gag reel, introduced by Director Peter Docter.

Back to the main menu, select the Humans Only door. Once the next page loads, a left arrow move should highlight the hidden DVD Credits selection. If not, highlight the Pixar door and arrow down, or the Animation door and arrow up.

Again from the main menu, select Humans Only, then the Pixar door. This opens the door to the Pixar Fun Factory Tour selection. A down arrow will highlight the M icon that normally returns you to the previous menu, but a left arrow from this point will bring up a circle that describes the flight path the paper airplane is flying around. Press Enter to view Pixar’s First Annual International Air Show, a paper and model airplane competition.
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