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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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Posted by Loren on November 10, 2003  |  3.5 / 5
Starting with the first menu of the second disc, with the subtitles off, move to Communicate and arrow left. This reveals the planet Earth near the center of the screen. Press Enter for “The Full Version of the Opening Titles,” much of which was “borrowed” from Dr. Who.

Back to the main menu, turn the subtitles on and select The Outer Planets. From that page, two left arrow moves should bring up Don’t Panic in the upper left corner. Press Enter for a 3½-minute sequence of the “readout” from the main display screen of the Heart of Gold. Very little of this made it to the final cut. If you didn’t know before where sector zed zed nine plural zed alpha was, this should help.

Now pop in the first disc. From the main menu move down to highlight the button next to Set Up and arrow left. Next will be a screen that asks for a code, which is 1146 (the time of earth’s destruction). The result is the destruction of earth sequence followed by a page on the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

Lastly, when the Play All option is selected from the main menu of the first disc, or when you wait the 2 minutes for the program to play on its own, the beginning of the show will occasionally appear to be totally warped. You’ll then see a notice that your player has been altered by the infinite improbability drive. DON’T PANIC! Things will return to normal directly.
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