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WWE: Raw Tenth Anniversary
Other; released November 30, 1999
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Posted by Kevin on May 2, 2008  |  5.0 / 5
The main menu screen has several Monday Night RAW opening video:

1. Highlight "Raw Retro Moments" and click left once.

2.Highlight "Interview" and click left once.

3. Highlight "Extra" and click left once.

4. Click on Raw Retro Moments, and highlight "Monday Night Raw Debut" and click right once.

5. Click on Raw Retro Moments, and highlight "Bret Screw Bret" and click left once.

6. Click on Interview, and highlight "Shawn Michaels" and click left once.

7. Click on Extras, and highlight "The Making of RAW on the Roof" and click left once.

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