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Donnie Darko
Fox; released March 19, 2002
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Deleted scenes
Posted by Derrick Veurink on November 25, 2003  |  3.0 / 5
From the "Special Features" menu, click on "Cunning Visions." Highlight "Special Features" and press right. Hit enter, and you'll be led to the section of the disc's website gallery pertaining to Cunning Visions.

From the "Special Features" menu, click on "The Philosophy of Time Travel". Cycle through the pages until you hit the page named "Appendix A". Once there, hit the up arrow, and a circle will now appear in the center of the man's body. Press enter to see a quick deleted scene at the PTA conference.

When you return to the appendix, turn to the next page. (You will end up at "Appendix B".) Hit up to highlight a large black arrow pointing right. Press enter to see a trailer for the film.
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