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Spider-Man: Special Edition
Columbia/Tri-Star; released November 1, 2002
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Behind the Scenes
Posted by Phillip Duncan on April 2, 2003  |  4.5 / 5
EASTER EGG #1 (CGI Bloopers & Gag Reel): If you put in the first disc and click on 'Commentaries' you will see a picture of Harry Osborn (James Franco) on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the picture of Harry and a new screen appears with "CGI Bloopers & Gag Reel".

EASTER EGG #2 (Todd McFarlane Interview): In the second disc go to the DVD-ROM feature and press the UP arrow and a Spidey icon will appear. Click it and it plays an exclusive interview with Todd McFarlane talking about how Spidey makes his webs.

EASTER EGG #3 (Rogue's Gallery Full Screen): On disc 2, go to the evolution of Spider-Man and choose the rogue's gallery. Go to Electro, at the menu button (spidey logo) press down, you'll highlight a spidey sillhouette. Select it and you'll get the full screen version of the 3D Electro. It works also for Venom and Scorpion.

EASTER EGG #4 (History of the Sinister Six): Again choose the "rogues gallery". Once you are there, you will see a picture of Spidey with his spidey sense tingling at the top of the screen. Press up until his spider-sense highlights, push play and you will get a page on "The Sinister Six" with information and 3D photos.

EASTER EGG #5 (John Romita & John Romita Jr. Feature): On disc select the "Web of Spider-Man" option, and then "The Evolution of Spider-Man". Once in this menu, then select "Artists Gallery" and press the RIGHT button. The words "The Romitas" will appear at the upper right corner of the screen. Select it, and check out a nice video feature on the Romitas.

EASTER EGG #6 (Comic Book Movie Covers): On the second disc select the "Comic Book Artist Gallery" from the "Artist Gallery" section. As you browse the gallery, look for the one done by Terry Dodson (it's a black and white drawing). Highlight the camera that is used for navigating and press up. You'll see Terry Dodson's signature on the spider-man drawing. Press there and you'll be taken to another gallery that contains famous spider-man comic book covers, except that they are re-drawn with the spider-man movie costumes and faces. Quick Navigation -- Go to the Special Features section on the first disc. Go to the Main Menu or Play Movie options on the bottom left of the screen and press left on your remote. The area around the spider in the blue will be highlighted. Press enter and and go to a screen that shows all the things you can access from the other menu's.

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