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Twin Peaks: The First Season
Artisan; released September 24, 2001
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Posted by Andrew Rubio on December 11, 2003  |  4.0 / 5
Each episode in the box set has an Easter Egg (7 episodes over 4 discs). They are inbetween snippets of interviews with the director of each episode. Once you see them, you'll see what I mean.

Insert a DVD. Access any Episode.

In the Episode menu, select "EPISODE FEATURES".

Once in the "EPISODE FEATURES" menu press UP on your DVD remote (Don't select the UP ARROWS to the right of the menu. That'll take you back to the main menu. Just press UP). A little circular flame will appear on the upper left corner of the screen. Press ENTER. You'll see a snippet of an interview with that episode's director. It's inbetween stuff as they discuss the interview or set up a shot. Each episode has this Easter Egg (with each different director).

Now onto the 4th disc and the most interesting Easter Egg of the set. Go to the TIBET (Special Features) menu. Press UP to find the little circular flame. Press ENTER and that will take you to 14 pages of DVD credits. On the 9th Page, press UP and another flame will appear (Make sure the RIGHT arrow is highlighted before pressing UP). Press ENTER and you'll see a "trailer" for a made-for-video film called "SPECTER'S ROCK" featuring Michael Anderson (The Dancing Midget).
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