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The Cat in The Hat
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Behind the Scenes
Posted by Jesse Untalan on January 22, 2005  |  3.5 / 5
In order to locate, and view a hidden Nivens vignette (Sally and Conrad's dog), on Universal's DVD release ofThe Cat in the hat, follow these directions: After you insert the movie, go to the 'Main Menu'. From there, select Sally, and press the 'Enter' button located on your DVD remote control. Once you're there, use the directional pad on your DVD remote control to navigate your way towards the cat' hat icon located to the lower right. When you've got the icon highlighted, you need to press the 'Right' directional button on your remote control. Immediately after doing so, a small, purple silohuette of Nivens (Conrad and Sally's dog) should appear. Once you see it, go ahead and press the 'Enter' button located on your remote to watch the clip. Enjoy
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