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Posted by Derrick Veurink on November 19, 2005  |  2.0 / 5
From Disc 1's main menu, select "Pieces of the Puzzle". Once in, advance to the screen for scenes 19-21. From there, highlight "20. The Garage" and press down to highlight a soap dispenser. Hit enter to watch "take 2" of the 60-second version of Saw - this time, with the actual footage from the movie instead of puppets (1:05). (The original version can be found using the earlier Easter Egg submission on this site.)

From Disc 1's main menu, select "Sounds". Once in, highlight "Play Movie" and press right to highlight the chain on the floor. Hit enter to find a screen with the site address www.backofyourmind.net. This site is a promotional site for "Saw II" with profiles of the sequel's trapped characters.

From Disc 1's main menu, select "Sounds". Once in, select "Audio Commentaries". Once in, press left twice to highlight one of the sink knobs. Hit enter to watch "take 3" of the 60-second puppet version of "Saw" (1:05).
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