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Highlander 4: Endgame
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
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Posted by Sessa17 on October 21, 2003  |  3.0 / 5
A whole lot of uniuq easter eggs here in the form of 6 clips that help you solve the trivia game on this DVD.

The hidden features are presented in the form of 'Watcher Files. The Watcher Files are placed all over the discís menus where they can be highlighted using the remote control. Check the Main Menu for example, where pressing the left arrow key will highlight the Watcher symbol which gives you access to the footage. Additional Watcher symbols can be found in the 'Sneak Peek' menus, the 'Captions' menu and the DVD-ROM menu.

The last two Watcher files are located under the 'Bonus Materials.' Check out the 'Audio Commentary' section and 'Deleted Scenes' for these two Watcher symbols.
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