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The Usual Suspects - Special Edition
MGM; released April 2, 2002
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Hidden commentary
Posted by George Hatch on October 22, 2003  |  4.0 / 5
Play Side 2 (Special Features).
1) Use your remote to highlight "The Usual Suspects" in the upper right hand corner and press "Enter".
2)You will get a montage of 4 key items from from the movie. Click around until you highlight "Police" on the Wanted poster. A message advises: "Every pictures tells a story. Select them in order and see two additional featurettes."
4)"Return" to montage, then highlight these items and press "Enter" for each in the following order: a) Quartet b) Guatamala c) Fat Woman/Wanted Poster d) Broken coffee cup. You will now have access to a 17-minute interview with John Ottman about composing the score; and a short collection of interview/outtakes.
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