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Warner Bros.; released October 11, 2002
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Behind the Scenes
Posted by Derrick Veurink on October 24, 2003  |  2.5 / 5
Two featurettes are hidden on this disc. The first can be found by going to the main menu. During the menu, Scooby will be startled by a ghost, and will drop a Scooby Snack in the bottom center of the screen. When this occurs, navigate to the snack by highlighting "Spooky Features" and pressing down. The snack should now be highlighted. Press enter to see a featurette about the weather conditions during filming. (Note that all of the above instructions must be done while the snack is on the screen. When the snack disappears, so does the Easter Egg.)

The second featurette can be found by going to the "Spooky Features" menu and clicking on the "Two-Player Spooky Island Arcade Challenge." Select "One Player" to proceed with the game. To watch the featurette, you need to answer five questions. Here are the correct answers:

1. Wow-O Toy Factory
2. Sausage links
3. Scooby Snacks
4. An umbrella
5. A stuffed head

Now you will be able to see a featurette about Pamela Anderson's appearance in the movie.

(Of course, for those with little patience, the weather and Pamela eggs can be accessed as Titles 12 & 13, respectively.)
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