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Nine Inch Nails; And All That Could Have Been
Universal; released January 22, 2002
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Posted by Kevin Nilsson on October 26, 2003  |  5.0 / 5
Ton of easter eggs here...

Most of the eggs are available via a hidden menu on Disc Two. In order to get to it, during "Head Like A Hole" at around the 11:20 mark, hit 7 on your remote. You will then be dropped into the secret menu called "Beneath The Surface" where the following eggs appear:

-"Reptile" live performance
-Video for "The Day The World Went Away"
-ninetynine commercial
-"The Fragile" commercial
-"Things Falling Apart" commercial
-NIN and Marilyn Manson doing part of "Starfuckers" and "Beautiful People".

Some other easter eggs are as follows...

-On Disc One, while "Gave Up" is playing near the 26:58 mark, press enter on your remote. You then get a wide shot of the stage for the song.

-During the beginning of the performance of "Gave Up", hit ENTER a bunch of times. Keep hitting ENTER and you should eventually be taken to a camera's angle of the song from the crowd's point of view.
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