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Behind the Scenes
Posted by Derrick Veurink on November 20, 2004  |  3.0 / 5
From the main menu of disc two, select the "Humans Only" door. Once in, click on "Production Tour". Once the tour starts playing, use your chapter skip to get to the end of the tour (or, if you're so inclined, feel free to watch the tour). After the tour, a menu screen will appear filled with doors (and which will look somewhat similar to the opening credit sequence). Seven of these doors are selectable; each one will bring you to an Easter egg. Here are the contents of each door, listed left to right by row:

Row 1:

Door 1 will lead you to a short video piece in which John Lasseter and Darla Anderson talk about the huge atrium in Pixar's new building. Following this, you'll be led to a sketch gallery of Pixar staffers' humorous ideas on how to use the atrium (parking lot, artillary stagings, hedge maze, and so forth).

Door 2 will lead you to a short clip of a monkey "animating" a scene from the movie.

Door 3 will lead you to an early animation test for the film: a tie conversation between Johnson (an early version of Sulley) and an armless Mike. (This test is also found in the "Animation" section under "Early Tests", but that version covers the test's dialogue with audio commentary. The Easter egg version presents the test with its original dialogue.)

Row 2:

Door 1 will lead you to a brief clip from the movie of Sulley scaring a child.

Door 2 will lead you to an outtake from the DVD introductions shoot, in which an overtly active monkey cracks up the Pixar staff.

Door 3 will lead you to the DVD credits.

Door 4 will lead you to another monkey-related blooper from the DVD introductions shoot.
General goofiness
Posted by Loren Moody on November 8, 2003  |  2.0 / 5
From the main menu on the Bonus Material disc, select the Monsters Only door. In the following menu, arrow right to highlight the eye in the center of the M. Press Enter for a short gag reel, introduced by Director Peter Docter.

Back to the main menu, select the Humans Only door. Once the next page loads, a left arrow move should highlight the hidden DVD Credits selection. If not, highlight the Pixar door and arrow down, or the Animation door and arrow up.

Again from the main menu, select Humans Only, then the Pixar door. This opens the door to the Pixar Fun Factory Tour selection. A down arrow will highlight the M icon that normally returns you to the previous menu, but a left arrow from this point will bring up a circle that describes the flight path the paper airplane is flying around. Press Enter to view Pixar’s First Annual International Air Show, a paper and model airplane competition.
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