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Pirates of the Caribbean
Disney; released December 2, 2003
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Bells & whistles
Posted by Tyler Volz on May 16, 2004  |  2.0 / 5
On the second disc, under Below Deck, highlight the skull on the left side to see some 3D Animation of scenes. It's not as good as some of the other easter eggs, but worth taking a quick look at
Posted by Kitty on March 27, 2004  |  4.5 / 5
It's actually more of an extra scene. If you eithere watch the hole credits or fast forward, you get a nice little scene.
Posted by Gil Lamont on December 31, 2003  |  4.0 / 5
A 4th egg on the Second Disc:

Go to "Below the Deck" and select "Scene Index." Go to the "Next" screen and highlight the ring on the skeletal hand. You'll see the Japanese teaser trailer.
Posted by Al on December 22, 2003  |  4.0 / 5
On the second disk, go to the 'Moonlight Serenade - Scene Progression'. Press right and a tooth on the Pirate should be highlighted. You will then see a short interview with Keith Richards.
Behind the Scenes
Posted by Lucy on December 1, 2003  |  4.5 / 5
There are 2 eggs on the second disc.

1. Go to "Fly on the Set", then click right to highlight one of the monkey's canine teeth, click enter and you will see a fast forward progression of how the cave set was built.

2. Go to "Below the Deck", click left to highlight the coin, click enter and you'll see the animatics for the entire chase and fight sequence between the Black Pearl and Intercepter. It's quite long, and it's scored.

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