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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 2
Warner Bros.
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Deleted scenes
Posted by Kyle Davis on August 21, 2004  |  2.0 / 5
on the first disk's episode guide, go to the second page and to the left of the screen is a light switch, once you get it highlighted click on it and it will show a fan concert (theme song song by group of kids 'round there 20's
General goofiness
Posted by Jay on July 21, 2004  |  5.0 / 5
On Disk one, there are at least FOUR easter eggs. The first three are in the first page of the episode guide, and are 1) Christmas tree light - werewolf puppets. 2) Stove knob - puppet bowling. 3) Chip on floor - vegetable man. On the second episode screen, there is a small spot of somthing on the floor, and this is the "left right puppet song".
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