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Posted by Todd Hayes on October 10, 2004  |  4.5 / 5
On the second disc, from the Main Menu, go to Extras, highlight Still Galleries, and enter. Highlight Main Menu, and right arrow to highlight a zombie silhouette. Press enter to see a short interview with Gaylen Ross about an incident on the set.
General goofiness
Posted by cactusoly on September 13, 2004  |  3.0 / 5
on the Special features disc highlight any of the menues and push the right arrow to highligh a Zombie Silloette. Push enter and you will see a testamonial from a Buddist Monk stating how Dawn of The Dead influenced his life.
Posted by Krishna Jaipersad on September 13, 2004  |  5.0 / 5
Disc 1
From the main menu go to Audio Setup, then at that menu arrow up or left it doesnt matter, and the zombie silhouette will highlight. This will take you to an interview with makeup effects artist Tom Savini, talking about a funny practical joke he pulled once.

Go to Extras menu, and from there arrow up or left to highlight the zombie. This takes you to an interview with Chris Romero about how she met her husband.

Disc 2
Go to Extras, then choose Commentaries. From that menu arrow left to highlight the zombie and this takes you to an interview with effects artist Greg Nicotero discussing how Savini created the infamous "Helicopter Zombie".

Disc 3
Go to Extras, then choose Trailers. Then arrow left twice and press enter to an interview with the man who played the "Screwdriver Zombie".

Disc 4
Arrow left and press enter to see an interesting video in which a buddhist discusses his love for Dawn of the Dead.
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