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Orgazmo Unrated - Special Edition
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Bells & whistles
Posted by Rich Dodd on April 2, 2005  |  4.0 / 5
On the 'Movie' Disc

Choose 'Play' on the menu screen and then highlight 'menu' on the next screen underneath 'Play Unrated!' click the right arrow when 'menu' is highlighted for an orgazmotron to appear click select and you will view a computer test model of the lazer that is shot out of the orgazmotron. Pretty cool!
General goofiness
Posted by Rich Dodd on April 2, 2005  |  4.0 / 5
Go to the Movie version of the Disc

On the Menu Screen go to the Languages! option and click on the left arrow, you will see an object appear click on Select.

This egg gives you a quick scene with Matt Stone congratulating you for finding an easter egg!
Deleted scenes
Posted by Rich Dodd on April 2, 2005  |  3.5 / 5
Go to Bonus Features Disc

Find 'EPK Interviews' and click on the left arrow on your remote and then hit select.

This will give you a deleted scene with Ron Jeremy playing the role of director 'Orbison.' In the scene Jeremy is giving instructions to Orgazmo on how to do the scene.
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