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General goofiness
Posted by bobbaxter on June 15, 2006  |  2.5 / 5
Insert Disc 2. On any screen featuring a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, you can highlight the box. Click it to be sent to a screen where you can "sample" the various "flavors".
Deleted scenes
Posted by Ayley L. on May 3, 2005  |  4.5 / 5
1. On Disc two, select Diagon Alley (Hedwig)in the opening sequence

2. Click on Gringotts, then select the key, click
to get to the Gringotts area then select the coins and click.

3. This will take you back to the main page for Diagon Alley. Go to Ollivander's
and choose your wand. (which ones you select is irrelevant but
your third choice, whichever it is, is always the "right" one).

4. Go back to the main screen,select the wand then click, getting to the classrooms at Hogwarts.

5. Select Transfiguration (the cat), then down and select the owls on
the torch, then select the H on the shield. Click OK.

6. At Fluffy the 3 headed dog, choose the Flute.

7. At the Keys, select the Silver one in the middle with a bent wing the only key that is completely over the door in the background).

8. At the Bottles select the round one with the yellow liquid.

9. Select the Red stone in the mirror which will take you to "your heart's desire" (the deleted scenes.
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