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General goofiness
Posted by Diane on February 3, 2006  |  3.0 / 5
On "Extras" menu
Highlight "Regis and Kathy Lee Paraody"
Press UP and a birthday cake appears in upper right corner of screen.
Highlight the cake then press "Enter" to hear a birthday greeting for someone from the entire cast.
Behind the Scenes
Posted by Chris Marchant on June 14, 2005  |  3.0 / 5
Disk 4 - "Russel's Quest"

Extras Menu
Highlight "Extras"
Press Up to highlight invisible cross
Deleted scenes
Posted by Nathan on June 6, 2005  |  5.0 / 5
I havn't seen this posted anywhere, but if you go to extras, then deleted scenes, then highlight "the virgin" and push right on your remote control a red ketchup stain will light up. select this to view the hidden deleted scene.
General goofiness
Posted by Cam Liske on May 28, 2005  |  3.0 / 5
On disc 3, go to the extras menu. On the right side of the screen highlight "episodes", press up again and the image on the garbage can will highlight. Click enter to see a segment called "Much Ado About Nothing"
General goofiness
Posted by Randall King on May 21, 2005  |  2.5 / 5
Seinfeld: Season 4, Disc One

Go to EXTRAS menu. Highlight "Inside Looks", then press Down. A birthday cake will be highlighted. Press Enter to see a short clip of the four stars singing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" and wishing someone Happy Birthday. I'm not sure who the Happy Birthday wishes are meant for...?
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