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The 10th Kingdom
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Bells & whistles
Posted by TLF on June 29, 2005  |  5.0 / 5
Go to special features in the main menu of disc 1 then to "Kingdoms" and as soon as you click on kingdoms press left,up,left then you should be close to the edge of the 4th Kingdom when really you will be on the hidden 10th kingdom in the form of a very small castle. Inside of the 10th Kingdom is a very small easter egg in a big form of the mirror at the top of the page go farthest to the right of the bottom links and press up to highlight the mirror. *WARNING*-Don't look and the easter egg unless you watch the ENTIRE movie. The Easter egg is a small spioler clip of the very end.
Bells & whistles
Posted by John Doe on June 1, 2005  |  3.0 / 5
Click "Special Features" and hit the left arrow until you get to get to the third kingdom. Press up to the fourth kingdom. Then right to highlight a small castle. Click enter to see the "10th Kingdom"

a second egg, within the "10th Kingdom" screen, go up to the magic mirror and hit enter. You get a short clip about two characters entering the "10th Kingdom" (spoiler)
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