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Bells & whistles
Posted by Jim Lichte on April 26, 2006  |  3.5 / 5
On disc 2, go to the episodes page. Move the dot to the main menu and press the right arrow. A dot will now appear on the left. Hit enter to hear the full French radio transmission.
General goofiness
Posted by Charlotte A. on January 20, 2006  |  5.0 / 5
All you have to do is go to "Lost Revealed" from the menu then choose "Deleted Scenes" from that menu. Highlight "The Climb" but don't click on it. Press the left arrow on your remote 3 times. A dot will appear above the arrow, Click on it to see a scene of Charlie talking with Shannon about "Lord of the Rings". Hilarious!
Behind the Scenes
Posted by Bronkster on September 18, 2005  |  3.0 / 5
On the Bonus Disk (7), go into the "Tales From the Island" menu and right-click until a spot highlights on the lock and you get the filming of the scene of Locke doing the smile with the orange in his mouth
Alternative versions
Posted by Jonathan on September 9, 2005  |  3.0 / 5
If you put in the Bonus Disk (Disk 7) and click down to highlight "Tales from the Island" and then click left with the remote, a circle next to "Disk 7" will highlight. If you click play you will see an alternate title sequence.
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