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Behind the Scenes
Posted by pat on November 9, 2005  |  4.0 / 5
Yet another easter egg can be found on disc 5, using the same technique as we used to find disc 4's feature. To refresh your memory, go to "Bonus", "Lucy on the Radio" and scroll right until Lucy's microphone lights up. What you see is again another rare photo of Lucy with her co-star, Richard Denning. The episode itself is interesting, as it's clearly one of the first ones, as the announcer stressed it's "new" at the beginning of the story, and due to the fact (and the DVD notes this), that here the Cooper last name is not in use, that came later on in the show as it grew more popular I presume, but anyway with time, the name changed. Here they're called the Cugats.

Behind the Scenes
Posted by pat on September 26, 2005  |  3.5 / 5
On Disc 4 of Lucy Season Four is an easter egg under the bonus features section. Go To Lucy on the Radio, scroll all the way to the far right, and see the CBS logo light up on Lucy's microphone. Click it for a pictorial surprise. It's a picture of Lucy staring at co-star (on the radio), Richard Denning. Denning was George Cooper on the show, and Lucille was Liz Cooper, they were two people who lived together and "liked it" as the announcer says before each and every episode's story's plot.
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