Mercury Rising (HD DVD)
Universal // R // $29.98 // August 14, 2007
Review by Matthew Hinkley | posted August 24, 2007
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The Movie:

So I'm a big Bruce Willis fan. It is very hard for me to not enjoy one of his films...well I guess Disney's "The Kid" might be one of the only his films that I really didn't like so much. Other then that, "Die Hard," "Unbreakable," and even his appearance in "Friends" are all great memories.

After years in the F.B.I. as an undercover agent, Art Jeffries (Bruce Willis) has become a paper pusher. Sent to investigate the disappearance of a 9 year-old autistic boy, he discovers that Simon (Mike Hughes) has merely hidden in his room after hearing his parents murdered. After continued attempts on Simon's life, Art realizes the boy must have done something big to warrant such interest in his life and he therefore disobeys direct orders to protect Simon. It turns out Simon has done no less than crack the top-secret government code...thought impregnable by its creator Lt Col. Nick Kudrow (Alec Baldwin). Kudrow is ready to do anything to guard the code that protects the identities of undercover agents all over the world, even if it means killing an innocent boy and anyone else who gets in his way. With a slew of bad guys...lots of shooting...and lots of running, Art will do whatever it takes to protect Simon.

"Mercury Rising" is a perfectly entertaining Friday night flick. It is fast-paced and will keep you at the edge of your seat. It isn't meant to stump you and keep you guessing, but it does the job of entertaining very well. With films like "Die Hard with a Vengeance," and even "The Fifth Element," it is hard to compare but this role is still a great fit for Willis. "Mercury Rising" feels like it tried to have more heart, while still having plenty of violence and action.

Overall I actually quite enjoyed "Mercury Rising." There's plenty of action, some good acting, and a plot that I can actually imagine being possible...especially with all those child-geniuses out there today, and who knows what the government keeps hidden from us.



Thankfully we get a very pleasant transfer here in this release of "Mercury Rising." The skin tones are fantastic with great detail in the faces. The colors all around are very even and really pop, especially in outdoor scenes. During both the darker scenes and indoor scenes, the colors stay very nice and there is only mild detail loss in dark areas. The blacks are fairly strong, though not a perfect black. Overall, this release gets a fantastic transfer with great strong colors, very nice detail, and it definitely won't disappoint.


Here we get a very nice 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus track. The surrounds are surprisingly alive throughout the film and they get plenty of use right from the beginning. Gunshots ring, explosions boom, and fill the room extremely well. The dialogue is nice and even, and stands out even during some of the most intense scenes. I was the most impressed with low ends as they truly do rumble and really give us the feeling that we are there. Overall, a very nice track that fills the room quite well and is worth a listen.


Watch the Mercury Rising: This is actually a quite nice and detailed feature. Here cast and crew sound off talking about everything from casting, shooting, acting, and why they wanted to play the part. Although the video quality is poor, it has some very nice behind the scenes looks at the making of "Mercury Rising." Definitely worth the look.

Deleted Scenes: Horrible picture quality...not much to be seen.

Commentary with Director Harold Becker: Becker does a nice job keeping us informed on some very detailed information about creating "Mercury Rising." We learn a lot about the actors, scenes, shooting, and especially technical specs. I found myself very intrigued for the first part of the film, but after a while Becker just couldn't hold my attention. If you really want to watch and learn about the film...take a look at "Watch the Mercury Rising." If you are a true fan...then take a look at Becker's commentary.

Final Thoughts:

So "Mercury Rising" might not be the most amazing, thought-provoking movie but it is plenty fun for a good night out. The acting is strong, and there is plenty of action to keep us watching throughout. The video and audio is great...just not quite as perfect as some of the "newer" releases that are out there. Definitely don't get this one for the special features, but I can easily Recommend this one for fans, and those who want a good entertaining flick with great audio and video.

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