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Ms. Erotic This Or That
BY G. NOEL GROSS | July 6, 2001

Darian Caine has become the de facto cover girl of Seduction Cinema with a series of spoofs she's made with director John Bacchus. Coyly titled flicks like Gladiator Eroticvs and Erotic Survivor that skirt the line between softcore porn and classic sexploitation fare. Like her idol Julie Strain, the Massachusetts native began her career within the pages of men's magazines before moving into films and it wasn't long before The Erotic Witch Project made her a star. Darian's also a fan of genre pictures who names the Evil Dead trilogy and Night of the Living Dead among her faves. The pierced, tattooed and raven-haired vixen has a full slate of features headed our way in the months ahead including Erotic Witch 3 and a certain fleshy parody that's had titles ranging from I See Dead Strippers to The Sexth Sense. When not in front of the camera the CineSchlocker favorite reigns over her gothic empire at, which is where I caught up with her.

How affected were you by The Exorcist? I saw shades of Linda Blair when you were spewing expletives and writhing in your straight jacket during Erotic Witch 2.

Ahh, the toothpaste! Consciously, I just thought it would be funny. Unconsciously, maybe! I mean my father took me to see it at such a young age. No one thought it would affect me.

Oh, not at all. You've worked with B-veteran Debbie Rochon in a couple pictures recently. She's a fantastic actress. Was there anything you learned from or appreciate about Ms. Rochon?

I worked with her one-on-one in Gladiator Eroticvs. There, I did learn a lot from her. There was one scene in particular that she helped me with my delivery. I remember her even showing me how to get my point across. Overall, I just enjoyed watching her read. In Erotic Survivor, we really didn't have a script. It was more like just turning into the character we were portraying. She was funny and stayed in character for most of the shoot.

Do you harbor any aspirations of going beyond the saucy, late-night cable scene and taking on a lead in a more traditional horror film? If so, what would be your dream role? Killer? Victim? Heroine?

Well, of course. I have some scripts sitting here with me now that I am reading over. Where I am each one of those.

You've tremendously raised the profile of Seduction Cinema. How did that relationship begin? There's a copy of your video audition on the Erotic Survivor DVD. Is that where things started?

Really?! [Laughs.] I didn't know I had an audition. The first movie I worked on was Girl Explores Girl and I was contacted by my agent to just show up. Victoria Vega and I were just told what to do and say.

You clearly have a very good working relationship with John Bacchus. Why do you think that is?

[Laughs.] It just works. He has always made me feel comfortable. Even when I first met him on my first video. I knew that we would remain friends even outside of the industry.

Oh, he's among my latest B-idols. Incidently, I actually met you at Chiller awhile back. How do you feel about fan meet-and-greets like that? Do you see yourself returning in 10 or 20 years like many starlets who have come before you?

Maybe 10. [Laughs.] It was like "The Twilight Zone." I never knew I had that many fans. I enjoyed it very much. I started off doing it for myself and now both for the fans and me.

Beyond the molten sensuality of your performances, you also bring a lot of humor to the screen. Which is easier for you?

They're both part of me. I am a very sensual person as well as loving to make an ass of myself.

What frightens you? What makes your heart race?

SATAN! [Laughs.]

Of the films you've done, which are you proudest of, and why?

Gladiator because it was a challenging role. Even though my voice never made it to the final cut. Erotic Ghost because it was a much more serious role.

Finally, what should we be looking for from you in the months ahead? Another movie?

Many more movies. Even some more traditional horror flicks.

We'll be waiting in rapt anticipation. Thank you, Darian!


Erotic Witch 2:
Book of Seduction

The Erotic Witch Project

Erotic Survivor

Gladiator Eroticvs

Mistress Frankenstein

The Erotic Ghost

Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter

Send your comments to [email protected]

G. Noel Gross is a Dallas graphic designer and avowed Drive-In Mutant who specializes in scribbling B-movie reviews. Noel is inspired by Joe Bob Briggs and his gospel of blood, breasts and beasts.

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