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DVD Interviews
Blu-Ray and High-Definition - A DVD Talk Audio Interview
At DVD Talk we're closely following developments in the High-Definition DVD space. This week we're excited to bring you a special audio interview with Michael Fiddler, Senior Vice President of the Blu-Ray Disc Group. In the interview Michael Fiddler gives an excellent overview of Blu-Ray, clears up some mis-understandings about the format and talks about how Blu-Ray extends beyond watching movies on DVD. The interview is presented in Windows Media Audio and optimized for all bandwidth levels. Listen to this Interview Now (which runs aprox 23 mins).

DVD Talk Interview: Adam Glasser - Family Business
Unless you've been watching the popular Showtime series Family Business, you might not know the name Adam Glasser, but if you've ever wandered through the back section at your local video store or taken a glance at one of the adult online retailers the name 'Seymore Butts' probably rings a bell. This week, Family Business: Season One gets released on DVD and so we bring you A Talk with Adam Glasser where he talks to us about his Showtime series, how he's changing perceptions about adult entertainment and the secret to making a truly great adult DVD. Read our Talk with Adam Glasser Now.

Gary Ross - Seabiscuit
It's never an easy task bringing a best selling book to the screen, but that task is made even harder when the best selling book comes out less than a year before the release of the film. Writer/Director Gary Ross rose to the challenge and adapted Laura Hillenbrand's best selling book Seabiscuit: An American Legend into one of this year's best films. Ross' not only captured the essence of the book on screen, he helped breath life into the characters of Seabiscuit by bringing on some amazing actors including Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper, William H. Macy and Tobey Maguire. We had an opportunity to talk to Gary Ross just as the Seabiscuit DVD was being released. Read our complete interview with Gary Ross

Jeff Probst on 'Surviving' His First Film
Jeff Probst is best know as the host of the popular reality TV show Survivor, but what most people don't know is that he is an award winning film writer and director. His first feature Finder's Fee, now on DVD, was a grand slam on the festival circuit, and won more festival awards than most tribes win immunity challenges. We had an opportunity to talk to Jeff Probst as he was packing his bags to head off to shoot the next season of Survivor. Find out what Jeff Probst has to say about getting Finder's Fee on to DVD, the secret to success in Hollywood and of course what's in store for the next Survivor. Also be sure to Enter to Win one of 5 copies of Finder's Fee signed by Jeff Probst!

Finding Nemo: Austin Pendleton interview
Chances are you know Austin Pendleton even if you think you don't. The bespectacled character actor's slight frame, toothy grin and nervous stammer have endeared him as a film fixture for more than 30 years. Most recently, Austin shared an aquarium with the namesake of Finding Nemo, and in this exclusive interview, he offers his typically charming insights on character acting, why he thinks Russell Crowe is so swell, the vocal acrobatics of making Nemo and flashes his wicked wit in the face of unexpected interview shenanigans.

Geoffrey Rush
Geoffrey Rush rocketed to success in 1996 with his brilliant Oscar award winning performance as Pianist David Helfgott in the critically acclaimed film Shine. Since then he has had an amazing string of performances acting with Cate Blanchett, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Salma Hayek, Johnny Depp and a little clown fish called Nemo. We had the opportunity to talk to Geoffrey Rush just as the Finding Nemo DVD was hitting stores and just a month before the Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl hit DVD. Rush talks about his experience being an animated character in Nemo, working with Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean and his next project The Life of Death of Peter Sellers. Read our Complete Interview with Geoffrey Rush

Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro has been creating impressively creepy horror films for 10 years, since his remarkable debut, Cronos, a beautiful and award-winning treatise on vampirism and immortality. On the occasion of Lions Gate's release of the new 10th Anniversary Special Edition of Cronos, DVD Talk Interviewer Jason Bovberg had the opportunity to sit down with the director and talk about the new DVD, as well as his thoughts about the horror genre, his obsession with bugs, the scoop on The Devil's Backbone DVD re-release, and his take on the home-theater experience of his films. Read Jason's complete interview with Guillermo del Toro.

Rena Owen - Once Were Warriors & Star Wars Episode III
Once Were Warriors, a very powerful New Zealand film about domestic abuse and family heritage, has finally made an appearance on Region 1 DVD. DVD Talk Interviewer James Powell was lucky enough to sit down with one of the film's stars, Rena Owen, to discuss the film and how it effected her career. Owen, who has played roles in A.I. and the hit television series, Angel, was also kind enough to share some information about her roles in the Star Wars prequels and the sensational script of Episode III. Read our complete interview with Rena Owen

Eddie Izzard on Circle
Eddie Izzard is probably the most inventive and creative comic out there today. His fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants style of comedy is electric, entertaining and often enlightening. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Eddie Izzard at one of the dates for his current sold out Sexie tour just as his latest DVD Circle was about to hit stores. Izzard talks about the role of DVD in his act, the importance of French Subtitles (especially for the naughty bits) and why Christopher Walken is the holy grail of impersonations. Read our complete interview with Eddie Izzard

Richard LaGravenese - A Decade Under The Influence
Writer / director Richard LaGravenese's ascent to Hollywood's front rank of screenwriters was remarkably quick. His first solo screenplay for The Fisher King was nominated for an Academy Award, and he quickly followed up with equally successful, high profile projects. LaGravenese developed a friendship with the late Ted Demme after working with him on The Ref. This continuing friendship and collaboration - and sheer love of the movies - resulted in A Decade Under the Influence, a three-part documentary produced by IFC that chronicles the remarkable period of American cinema in the 1970(s). DVD Talk Interviewer Jason Janis had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Richard LaGravenese and talk about the experience of making Decade, his friendship with the late Ted Demme and his thoughts about what Martin Scorsese has to say about George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

Kirby Dick Director of Sick Interview
Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Sundance and the Grand Prize at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Kirby Dick's documentary Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist finds compassion, inspiration and humor from what might be considered an unlikely source: Bob Flanagan, an artist who bravely and unsparingly utilized his struggle with cystic fibrosis - fused with his enthusiasm for S/M - to provoke and enlighten. DVD Talk Interviewer Jason Janis sat down with Kirby Dick to talk about the DVD release for Sick. Read the complete interview with Kirby Dick.

Author Neil Gaiman
Writer Neil Gaiman's 20-year plus career has spanned every form of media imaginable, from radio to comic to film. DVD Talk writer Phillip Duncan had a chance to chat with the charming and polite Gaiman about the upcoming DVD release of his BBC series Neverwhere as well as some of his other upcoming projects in the development. Gaiman also talks about directing his first short film and his preparation for directing the big screen adaptation of his graphic novel "Death: The High Cost of Living." Read and listen to the complete DVD Talk interview with Neil Gaiman. Also be sure to read our review of the Neverwhere DVD

Mark Anthony Galluzzo
Mark Anthony Galluzzo decided to play with the thriller genre after his critically acclaimed first film “Trash” was a success and he does just that with R.S.V.P., a witty thriller that combines the spirit of Hitchcock with the self-referential fun of films like Scream. DVD Talk Interviewer Phillip Duncan recently had a chance to talk with Galluzzo about the film. Sporting a good sense of humor and an immense knowledge of the filmmaking process, Galluzzo offered up his thoughts on bullfights, and the pros and cons of working with a studio on a film and brand name directors. Read the complete interview with Mark Anthony Galluzzo.

John Singleton - Boyz in The Hood
Writer/director John Singleton was only 22 years old and fresh out of film school when he made his first feature film, the highly acclaimed Boyz 'N The Hood. Twelve years and many delays later, his debut is finally being revisited on DVD, this time with a number of bonus features improve on the initial lackluster DVD. DVD Talk Interviewer James W. Powell recently had a chance to sit down with Mr. Singleton to discuss the new DVD edition of Boyz 'N The Hood, his thoughts on the film, and how he feels the digital format is affecting Hollywood and Of course, for the comic book fans out there, the inside scoop on the feature film debut of Marvel Comics' Cage. Read the Complete Interview with John Singleton. Also be sure to read the DVD Talk Review of Boyz in the Hood.

Rob Zombie - House of 1,000 Corpses
Love it or loath it. Rockin' Rob Zombie hasn't slowed long enough to care what you think of his House of 1000 Corpses, although in this exclusive CineSchlock-O-Rama interview, he did find time to answer the Unrated vs. Theatrical brouhaha, wonder if we're all just a wee bit spoiled by copious DVD extras and chart the grisly road ahead for a certain family of homicidal maniacs who like to get bleep'd up and do bleep'd up bleep.

Larry Cohen - Q: The Winged Serpent
Q: The Winged Serpent Larry Cohen has made a career of developing the creepiest, weirdest B-movie monsters and characters. One of his most memorable films, Q: The Winged Serpent is seeing a new DVD release along with some of his other films, with a beautiful new print and a great director's commentary. To celebrate the release, Cohen is hosting a screening of the film at the Pioneer Theater this month. Cinema Gotham's Gil Jawetz took the opportunity to interview the director about the film, his career and some of his favorite classic monster flicks.

My Brother's Keeper - Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky
Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky are two filmmakers that when working together, they have become known for their narrative documentary style. They first drew attention at Sundance in 1992 with Brother's Keeper which went on to win the Audience Award. Their later films together, "Paradise Lost" and "Revelations: Paradise Lost 2" earned them equal praise while thrusting them further into the spotlight. On the 10th Anniversary of their first collaboration together, Docurama has released a DVD of Brother's Keeper and DVDTalk writer Phillip Duncan had a chance to ask them about the Ward Brothers, their feelings toward authority and upcoming film with Metallica. Read the complete Interview

Cinema Gotham: Nick Broomfield discusses Biggie and Tupac
Biggie and TupacA film that was originally called "LA Story" may seem a strange subject for Cinema Gotham but documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield takes his investigation into the murders of rap stars Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG beyond the city of angels and examines the state of modern urban centers from Brooklyn to Baltimore. The resulting film, the incredible Biggie and Tupac, delves deep into a world of police corruption, criminal record executives and gang violence to try and solve the crimes. Broomfield will be appearing at the Union Square Virgin Megastore for a Q&A about the issues raised in the film on Tuesday 29th, the day of the DVD's release. Cinema Gotham had the chance to talk with the filmmaker about some of those issues and his experience making the film Read The Complete Interview with Nick Broomfield

Steven Shainberg - Director of Secretary
Steven Shainberg, the director of the new to DVD film Secretary starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal, is a man passionate about his work. Anxious to dispell the myth that the film is nothing but S&M action aimed at the 18 and over crowd, Shainberg sat and talked with DVDTalk writer Phillip Duncan recently about the difficulties in getting the film made and the luck that brought him the right actors. Read our Complete interview with Steven Shainberg.

The 'Real' - Real Cancun (Interview with Paul Malbry)
When Paul Malbry was picked to be part of The Real Cancun, he probably had no idea he was going to be part of a cinematic experiment. Veteran Reality TV producers Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray were going to see if the huge wave of success that has followed Reality TV could be duplicated on the big screen. While the film wasn't a commercial success it does make for an extremely enjoyable DVD (see our review). We had an opportunity to talk to Paul about his experience making The Real Cancun Find out what really happened between him and Sky, what it was really like making the film and what you won't see in the movie or the DVD. Read our complete interview: The 'Real' - Real Cancun.

Daveigh Chase - Chihiro in Spirited Away
At 13 years old, Daveigh Chase already has an impressive career. In the past year she has played the lead in 2 Oscar Nominated films: Lilo & Stitch and Spirited Away as well as a major role in The Ring. Daveigh has more diversity in her resume than most actresses twice her age. We had an opportunity to talk to Daveigh about the DVD release of Spirited Away about her performance in the lead role of Chihiro, how it compared to working on Lilo & Stitch as well as her much more intense work as the creepy girl in The Ring. Read our Complete interview with Daveigh Chase.

Ron Jeremy
As the lines between mainstream and porn blur at an ever increasing rate there is one person who seems so recognizable that he's known both by the avid adult fans and by people who have never seen an adult movie in their life - Ron Jeremy. This past week Docurama released on DVD the bio pick Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy. DVD Talk writer Don Houston was fortunate enough to get a chance to interview Ron Jeremy and discuss a variety of topics ranging from the dvd in question, his views on the movie industry, and even the recent war with Iraq. Read the complete Interview with Ron Jeremy

Charles Fleischer - Who Framed Roger Rabbit
With a background in stand-up comedy, actor/comedian Charles Fleischer brought a unique personality to the voice of Roger Rabbit and can be partially credited for the immense success of the character. On the film’s 20th Anniversary, Disney has given this modern day classic the release it deserves in a special 2-disc Vista Series edition. DVDTalk writer Phillip Duncan had the chance to talk with Fleischer about the film’s success and what exactly it takes to be one of the most popular cartoon characters of the past decade. Read The Complete Interview with Charles Fleischer

Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Ermey Interview
Veteran character actor R. Lee Ermey goes man-o y rat-o in an ambitious remake of the critter revenge classic Willard -- now scampering through theaters! In this exclusive CineSchlock-O-Rama interview, the ol' Gunny talks rodent [email protected]#%, the squared-away Crispin Glover and why THIS is his best role since Full Metal Jacket (left). Plus, the perve antics we probably WON'T see in the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Read the Complete CineSchlock-O-Rama Interview with R. Lee Ermey.

Andrew Gurland - Director of Cheats
DVDTalk writer Phillip Duncan recently had a chance to chat with writer / director Andrew Gurland about the upcoming DVD release of his feature Directorial debut Cheats. Gurland’s first achieved notoriety with his co-direction on the documentary Frat House which was never ultimately released (due to legal wranglings). Rather than take this as a defeat, Gurland realized that he had dealt with controversy all his life, starting in high school with a group of friends. They had essentially cheated their way through high school and when eventually caught. With that in mind, Gurland set about writing his first script which became the high school comedy / drama that Gurland himself likened to Goodfellas in high school. Read our complete Interview with Cheats Director Andrew Gurland.

Robert Forster
Robert Forster's career has been a real rollercoaster, it started high up with staring roles in films like 'Medium Cool' and on TV shows like 'Nakia', but then plunged into the world of exploitation films like 'Manic Cop 3'. In 1997 Quentin Tarantino cast Forster in 'Jackie Brown', a film which would return Forster to great success, acclaim, and even and Oscar Nomination. Continuing that ascent Robert Forster's latest work in Diamond Men has been met with great critical acclaim for his work. DVD Talk writer Phillip Duncan had an opportunity to speak with Robert Forster as his latest film Diamond Men was released on DVD. Read the Complete Interview with Robert Forster Now

Cinema Gotham: Spike Lee Interview
Spike LeeFew filmmakers have tried to capture the volatile mixture that is New York's diverse population as often as Spike Lee. From She's Gotta Have It and Do the Right Thing to Jungle Fever and Clockers, Lee has captured the ludicrous, contradictory proposition of having eight million people living together in one place. His latest film, 25th Hour, places the city's citizens in the post-9/11 version of New York, adding a very real sense of loss and longing. Cinema Gotham recently had a chance to discuss the film and the city with Lee, as well as tell him something about his beloved Brooklyn that he didn't know.

Adult Film Star - Devon
More and More it seems that Adult Movies are coming closer and closer to the mainstream with better production values, more attention to what happens around the sex scenes and innovative presentation on DVD. The most recent example of this cross over is the Nic Andrew's Film 'Rush', an dult feature filled with exploding cars, gun fights, and of course hot sex. But can adult films ever really make their way into the mainstream? We sat down with Digital Playground Star Devon at the 2003 AVN Show to talk about where Adult movies are going and what's it like to make them. Devon was extremely enthusiastic and upbeat, We got the real sense that she was doing what she loved and that she was extremely excited to be doing adult films that are being embraced by a wider mainstream audience.

Gang Tapes Director Adam Ripp
Gang Tapes, Director Adam Ripp’s powerful Directorial debut polarized critics and audiences alike. His unflinching look at life in South Central LA’s gang lifestyle disturbed many with its all-too-real look and style. Using real gang members and filming on location in South Central, Ripp has produced a shockingly real film that all should see in order to better grasp what life is really like in those areas. DVDTalk writer Phillip Duncan had a chance to talk with Adam Ripp and ask him about his experiences making Gang Tapes and what he hoped to accomplish with the film and why he thinks DVD is the perfect medium for film. Read our complete Interview with Director Adam Ripp.

Eddie Izzard - Dress To Kill
It is surprising that so many people are unfamiliar with one of the funniest comedians working today- Eddie Izzard. Although Eddie Izzard has had notable roles in such films as "Mystery Men," "Shadow of the Vampire," "Velvet Goldmine" and "Cat’s Meow" the familiarity with his stand-up comedy genius has been limited to those fortunate enough to see his live tours or who have seen his HBO specials. That's about to change... Now on DVD "Dress to Kill" is nearly two hours of side splitting standup which rarely, if ever, misses its mark. We had a chance to sit down with Eddie Izzard to talk about the DVD release of Dress to Kill it was as fun and amusing as his stage performance and he talked a lot about his perspective on DVD, what he's working on, and when his next tour will be. Read the complete interview with Eddie Izzard.

Kevin Smith Speaks
An Evening With Kevin Smith brings together over 3 hours of Q&A's taken from several college appearances the Kevin Smith made over the past year. On the DVD Kevin Smith covers everything from the origin of the term 'Snoogans' to a blow by blow description of his first sexual experience with his wife. No question was too extreme and nothing was off the table. So after watching An Evening With Kevin Smith with so many of the questions you could ask Kevin Smith answered, what does a journalist have to ask? Earlier this week we were a part of a teleconference, along side several other journalists we asked Smith his thoughts on DVD, what's still in the View Askew Vault and if we'll ever see him act in one of his films again. Read the complete in depth transcript from the teleconference, and listen to audio clips of Kevin Smith's answers!

13 Conversations with Jill Sprecher
Jill and Karen Sprecher are the Coen Sisters of indie cinema. The mid-west natives make films solely from their original screenplays, which Jill directs and Karen produces, although these traditional divisions of labor blur and interact. DVD Talk caught up with Jil Sprechter to talk about the DVD release of her latest film Thirteen Conversations about One Thing as well as her previous film Clockwatchers. Read the DVD Talk Interview with Jil Sprechter.

Keep the River on Your Right
Cinema GothamNew York films can come in many shapes and sizes. David and Laurie Gwen Shapiro's Keep the River on Your Right travels to Peru and New Guinea but at heart it's about a gay New York Jew in his late Seventies. Half a century of world travel has left Tobias Schneebaum with enough memories to fill several memoirs but the Shapiros are most interested in what happened to him in Peru in 1955, the year he became a cannibal.Cinema Gotham sat down with the Shapiros to discuss the film and their unique subject.

Jodie Foster Interview & Panic Room Review
On September 17, David Fincher's Panic Room is released on DVD. To mark the occasion we were invited to a conference call interview with Jodie Foster who spoke about her experience making the film, her work on the upcoming Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys and her thoughts about DVD and Audio Commentaries. In addition to the 'Interview' we also sat down and did a a complete review of the upcoming Panic Room Superbit DVD. We hope you enjoy them both.

Entering the Panic Room
Cinema Gotham David Fincher's films (Fight Club, Seven) always feature exciting, innovative opening credit sequences, but when the lights went down and his 2002 film Panic Room began, a collective gasp could be heard in theaters throughout New York City. With the Superbit DVD streeting soon, Cinema Gotham spoke with the special effects and design wizards responsible for this extraordinary piece of filmmaking.

Christopher Nolan
DVDTalk writer Phillip Duncan had a few short minutes to spend with Insomnia filmmaker and director Christopher Nolan, who followed the surprising success of Memento with a remake of the 1997 Norwegian thriller Insomnia. DVDTalk had a chance to ask this eloquent and meticulous director a few questions about the DVD release. Read our interview and find out Nolan's thoughts on the inventive commentary track on the film and whether or not a Special Edition of Insomnia will one day make it to the shelves.

Cinema Gotham: Abel Ferrara
Cinema Gotham In the pantheon of true New York filmmakers (Scorsese, Jarmusch, Allen) none has cut closer to the heart of darkness in the city more consistently than Abel Ferrara. Films like Bad Lieutenant, King of New York, Ms. 45, and The Funeral have each blended disparate themes (violence, salvation, revenge, love) in unique and powerful ways. His latest, 'R Xmas, follows those films with a new vision of New York's drug dealing subculture as a loving family. Cinema Gotham hung out with Ferrara to get the scoop on what's happening with the film and what Ferrara has been up to.

Peter Bogdanovich
DVDTalk writer Phillip Duncan had the chance to talk with Director/Film Scholar Peter Bogdanovich (The Last Picture Show, Texasville) about his latest DVD release "The Cat's Meow starring Kirsten Dunst, Cary Elwes and Eddie Izzard. Read and LISTEN to Phillip Duncan's interview with Peter Bogdanovich and find out more about his newest DVD release, his upcoming projects and his thoughts on film today.

Fraily Writer Brent Hanley
DVDTalk writer Phillip Duncan was lucky enough recently to chat with screenwriter Brent Hanley about his screenplay for the Bill Paxton directed film Frailty. An interesting interview, Hanley has opinions on everything from the state of horror films to the studio system in Hollywood. Seemingly bitten by the directing bug himself, he reveals a little about his next screenplay and what he hopes to be his directorial debut. Honest and opinionated with an obvious love for film. Read the DVD Talk Interview with Brent Hanley

Eight Legged Freaks Producer Dean Devlin
DVDTalk got to chat with producer Dean Devlin about the release of Eight Legged Freaks on DVD. With an obvious love for the genre, Devlin revealed how and why Eight Legged Freaks was study in low-budget filmmaking for the multi-million dollar producer and how what he learned can easily be applied to later productions. Read and Listen to the Complete Interview with Dean Devlin.

CineSchlock-O-Rama: Bullets, Bombs and Babes! (Andy and Arlene Sidaris)
Columnist G. Noel Gross files an exclusive interview with Andy and Arlene Sidaris whose credo of "Bullets, Bombs and Babes" guided a DOZEN globetrotting, guns 'n' babes epics into fringe cinema phenoms. Their all-out assault on the DVD world has been equally explosive as evidenced by Malibu Express and Enemy Gold. .

Callie Khouri - Director of Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood
Screenwriter Callie Khouri makes her directorial debut with the literary adaptation of Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood starring Sandra Bullock, Ellen Burstyn, and Ashley Judd. After achieving fame for the Academy Award winning screenplay Thelma and Louise, she inadvertently dropped off Hollywood radar while trying to set several directorial deals finished. She has made a grand entrance into the field with Ya Ya Sisterhood and DVDTalk had the chance to talk with her about the challenges she faced in bringing the story to the screen and the attitude that Hollywood has toward women, both in the audience and on the screen. Read our Interview with Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood Director Callie Khouri.

John Sayles
Cinema Gotham With theaters across the country celebrating the films of John Sayles this summer, Cinema Gotham took a look back at his 1984 classic, The Brother From Another Planet. With a special edition DVD on the horizon, Cinema Gotham chatted with the filmmaker about New York, Harlem, and this most unique film.

Dragonfly Director Tom Shadyac
DVDTalk writer Phillip Duncan had the chance to chat with director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura, The Nutty Professor) about his latest DVD release, the Kevin Costner film "Dragonfly." Coming from a background of comedy, the spiritual thriller held a few challenges and served as a learning experience. Read and LISTEN to Phillip Duncan's interview with Tom Shadyac.

Ron Howard
On the week of A Beautiful Mind: Awards Edition DVD release, we were able to catch up with Director Ron Howard to talk to him about this amazing DVD. Ron Howard talks about how he sees DVD, what other movies of his will be coming to DVD, what you will and won't see on the Beautiful Mind DVD and much more. Both read the interview and listen to audio of Ron Howard from the interview. It's a fascinating look at a great Director, and a super DVD!

Blood Simple Interview
If you are familair with the Coen Brothers you'll understand why thier 'publicity gag: an exclusive interview with Kenneth Loring, artistic director for Forever Young Films was such a gas. The Coen brothers permitted us an 'exclusive' chance to talk to the 'fictional' Mr. Loring, who does a very funny audio commentary on the Blood Simple DVD. When we first publised the interview, no one knew that Mr Loring was a Coen Brothers' creation so it made his wild answers about Blood Simple even more outrageous!

15 Minutes with John Herzfeld
We grabbed 15 Minutes with John Herzfeld to talk to him about the release of the Infinifilm Edition of 15 Minutes. In our DVD Talk with John Herzfeld he talked about the process of creating and Infinifilm, working with Ed Burns and Robert De Niro, and interesting comments by Mark Fuhrman. Take 15 Minutes and read our DVD Talk with John Herzfeld

Mitchell Kriegman: The Book of Pooh
The Book of Pooh is an all new, feature length movie from the creators of Bear in The Big Blue House, featuring unique blend of Japanese Puppetry and computer animation which brings Pooh and his friends to life in a while new way. We had an opportunity to sit down with series creator Mitchell Kriegman and talk about The Book of Pooh DVD, the future of puppets, and the role of eduction in children's programming. Read The Interview Now

Ed Harris
For ten years actor Ed Harris worked hard on bringing the life story of Jackson Pollock to the screen. Ultimately directing the film Pollock, he succeeded not only in translating his vision of Pollock to the screen, but also managed to be both nominated for an Academy Award and have his leading lady, Marcia Gay Harden, win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Read our DVD Talk with Ed Harris.

The Steady Pull of DVD-Audio!
This week we are excited to bring you a very special DVD-Audio segment! First off we've got a great interview with Jonatha Brooke, one of the first artists to produce a DVD-Audio. We also have some great DVD-Audio reviews including: Metallica, The Doors, Studio Voodoo, Jonatha Brooke, and The Corrs.

Courtney Soloman Director of D&D
We sat down with Dungeons & Dragons Director Courtney Solomon and talked about the Platinum Series release of Dungeons & Dragons on DVD. Courtney Solomon talked a lot about what goes in to a DVD, how he got D&D made and how it'll influence his next project and DVD. Read the complete DVD Talk Interview with Courtney Solomon

Kubrick Revealed
This week we have two very special interviews with people very close to Stanley Kubrick. The first is a talk with Kubrick Documentarian Jan Harlan who discusses the real Stanley Kubrick, his exposure to DVD, and the Kubrick Myths. The second interview is an in depth talk with Kubrick Tech Guru Leon Vitali who provides a clear and definitive look at the wishes and vision of Stanley Kubrick including the final word on aspect rations, sound formats and more. Read the DVD Talk interviews with Jan Harlan & Leon Vitali

Man in The Sand - A Talk with Nora Guthrie
Whether you know it not, you've probably sung a Woody Guthrie Song. Best known for "This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land", Woody has long been a symbol of the perseverance of man. Recently the image of Woody has begun to change with the discovery of his notebooks containing literally thousands of lyrics to songs. Nora Guthrie, Billy Bragg, and Wilco have worked together to get some of these new songs recorded and released. The result are the critically acclaimed Mermaid Avenue ablums. We sat down with Nora just as the film Man in The Sand - documenting this great project was released on DVD. Read the Interview

McG's Angels - A Talk with Charlie's Angels Director McG!
Make no mistake, Charlie's Angels Director McG loves what he's doing. And it shows. Of all the interviews we've done on DVD Talk, I can't remember anyone who was as enthusiastic, friendly and engaging as McG. Because of McG's style and enthusiasm our 'Interview' felt much more like a chat with a friend about a film we just saw.... only this friend was the guy who made the film! Here's our talk with McG unedited and in its entirety

A Talk With David Morse
We had the pleasure of talking to prolific actor and Dancer in The Dark star David Morse. We talk to David about working with Lars Von Trier, life on the set with Bjork and working with film luminaries Frank Darabont and Sean Penn. Read the complete interview with David Morse

Meet Jay Roach - A DVD Talk Interview
Having the distinction of Directing 2 Platium Edition DVDs (Austin Powers I & II), Jay Roach continiously raises the bar for comedic DVDs packed with extras. We sat down with Jay and talked to him about the release of Meet The Parents on DVD, what makes a great DVD and if there will be an Austin Powers III or Meet The Fockers. Read our Talk with Jay Roach

Bring it On - A DVD Talk With Peyton Reed
What do you get when you cross a talented new director with a group of hot up and coming stars? Bring it On! Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Bring it On Director Peyton Reed about working with shooting stars: Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku and Gabrielle Union as well as what goes in to making a great DVD. Read our talk with Peyton Reed !

CineSchlock-O-Rama's Exclusive* Interview With Lloyd Kaufman
Lloyd Kaufman, the 30-year veteran of 10-cent movies and gentleman scholar, talks Troma in this exclusive interview. OK, so it's not that exclusive considering he's THE most accessible studio boss on the planet -- but, hey, he doesn't HAVE to be. So, recoil in astonishment as the independent filmmaker delves beneath the gratuitous gore and gynos of some of his most beloved movies. Read CineSchlock-O-Rama's Interview with Lloyd Kaufman Now

Groove - A DVD Talk with Director Greg Harrison III
Groove typifies the dream of independent filmmakers: get a great film made with a low budget, get into Sundance, and get picked up by a major studio, and then of course have a great DVD! We spent a good amount of time talking to Groove's Director Greg Harrison III and talked about the Indie dream as well as the incredible influence that DVD had on his first film. Read our Interview with Greg Harrison

A DVD Talk With Paul Verhoeven
Inspiring acclaim, criticism and controversy, few filmmakers evoke such emotional response with seemingly each film they release as Paul Verhoeven. The Dutch-born Director has earned a reputation for creating vivid worlds which suck the viewer in and take them perilously close to the action. We had the opportunity to talk with Paul Verhoeven just as his latest film Hollow Man materialized on DVD. Read the DVD Talk Interview Now

A DVD Talk With David Fincher
DVD Talker Paul Guyot had an experience that most people never get, an interview with film legend David Fincher. Rather than bring you a conventional interview (as David Fincher is anything but conventional) we decided to bring you the ENTIRE experience of the interview... it's like you're on the phone.... asking the questions ... seeing what it's like to be in Paul's shoes..... Read Paul's DVD Talk With David Fincher

A DVD Talk With Todd Phillips - Director of Road Trip
We sat down with Road Trip Director Todd Phillips armed with questions submitted by DVD Talk members in an extensive interview that covers everything from working with Tom Green, the process of getting Road Trip on DVD, the Phish Rocumentary Bittersweet Motel, and what's up with the controversial Frat House. Read the complete DVD Talk Interview with Todd Phillips

Interview with Fight Club Author Chuck Palahniuk
We sat down with Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk with questions submitted by DVD Talk members in an expansive interview that covers everything from the Genesis of Fight Club, what Chuck's working on now, the real Project Mayhem and more. Our talk with Chuck is one of the most entertaining and insightful interviews we've had yet, so be sure to read the complete DVD Talk Interview with Chuck Palahniuk.

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