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Renny Harlin - Deep Blue Sea Chat Transcript

Director Renny Harlin appeared on Yahoo Chat on November 16 to talk to DVD Talk memebers, answers questions, and discuss the Warner Home Video release of Deep Blue Sea on DVD as well his other Action DVD Releases (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, Long Kiss Goodnight and Cutthroat Island). This is the transcript of the chat:

Tue Nov 16 18:30 1999
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: You can't talk about great action films without mentioning tonight's guest.
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: When it comes to no holds barred, white knuckled, edge of your seat action films, Renny Harlin is the master.
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: Renny has directed such landmark action films as Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, Long Kiss Goodnight
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: and this summer's shark infested blockbuster Deep Blue Sea
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: Tonight Renny Harlin joins DVDTalk.com here on Yahoo Chat to talk about the release of his films on DVD and to answer your questions.
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: Welcome Renny.

fantasia_y2000 asks: Renny, do you have a DVD Player, and what is your favorite DVD in your collection if you do?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I have dvd players in my home and my office
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and have been collecting DVDs since the new format came out
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I probably have a few hundred of them by now
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: it's hard to name a favorite, but "The Wild Bunch" is one I keep going back to

badly_dressed_superhero asks: Which current action directors do you admire?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: there are others than my self?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: :)
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: seriously speaking some of the hong kong directors keep reinventing the genre

pil0t313 asks: How much say did you have on what could and couldn't go on the Deep Blue Sea DVD?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: i was lucky enough to have excellent cooperation with warner bros.
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and stuff that little disc with plenty of surprises
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: in addition to audio commentary by myself and Samuel Jackson
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: you will see storyboards, photographs, deleted scenes and special behind the scenes footage
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: you will see me almost being eaten by a shark

fantasia_y2000 asks: Renny, were you ever asked to do a director's commentary on any of your movies on DVD?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: i started doing director's commentary already on laserdisc in '93
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and then moved naturally into DVD

jtcoughlin3 asks: Renny, what do you think the most valuable or exciting feature about the DVD format?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I love the ability to access different scenes and shots so rapidly
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: for a director studying films in detail it's like going to film school every day

dvdlurker275 asks: As a director, do you enjoy the directors commentaries audio tracks on DVDs?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: i think if you are really interested in the art of filmmaking, hearing what the directors have to say abou their work
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and their choices is very valuable
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and many times reveals things that you couldn't have thought of while watc the film
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: also, it's comforting to know that other directors go through as much struggle as I do

ZombCat asks: What is the most challenging movie you've directed so far?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: deep blue sea, without a doubt
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: not only did the entire movie take place in the water
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: we also had to deal with live sharks, 8 ton mechanical sharks, and crazy CGI designers
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: who can make these guys heaven or hell depending on their mood

DarkkFrog asks: Which movie did you have the most fun making?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: oops who can make your life heaven or hell
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: as weird as it may sound the most fun experience for me was the shooting of "Ford Fairlane"
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: in the summer of 89
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: It was all sun, sand, and rock 'n roll

marker57b asks: is "the adventures of ford fairlane" ever gonna be released on DVD?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: i hope fox will do that
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: i keep running into a lot of people mainly guys in bars who seem to really like that movie
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: warning: don't watch it with your girlfriend

epebenito asks: maybe too premature...but would there be a sequel to DBS?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: deep blue sea has had a great response both in the United States and internationally
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: it is currently a number one movie in many countries from asia to europe
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: next year, we'll know exactly how big the box office will be
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: there has been talk about a sequel and I hope that it will become a reality

ZombCat asks: You directed Samuel L. Jackson in a couple of films. What is it like working with this fine actor?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: sam is an asset that can't be measured in conventional terms
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: he is not only a great actor, but also like an elder statesman on the set
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: he is so professional that all the sometimes wilder actors will all take his lead
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: showing up on time and remembering their lines

richjr007_2000 asks: Aloha Renny, Is there any actor or actress that you have not worked with that you hope to one day have the opportunity to direct ?

Tue Nov 16 18:46:23 1999
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: all the actors from pokemon :)

badly_dressed_superhero asks: How was it like working with Sylvester Stallone? Easy-going or difficult?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Sly and I have a great relationship, which after "Cliffhanger"
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: has turned into a lasting friendship
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I have a lot of respect for him because he confessed right from the beginning
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: that he was afraid of heights.
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: He said that the highest that he will ever go was the heels of his cowboy boots
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: after a lot of convincing and some tricks of the trade I had him without safety wires
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: at the highest peaks of the italian alps, 13,000 ft in the air

pil0t313 asks: What are your plans for future movies?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Right now, I am concentrating for a moment on a TV series
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: that I hope to get on the air early next year
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: it will be a horror series
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: that's unlike anything that has been seen on TV before
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: But, at the same time, I'm preparing several feature films and hope to be able to announce my next filme beofre xmas
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: oops before

WongJP asks: Is there a specific genre of film that you have not yet directed that you would like to work on next?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: You tend to get boxed into certain genres in Hollywood
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Of course, I'm not complaining
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: since making big action pictures certainly is great fun
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: But, I do hope that in the future I'll be able to try my skills in more straightforward drama

hollywoodjer asks: Has the DVD format and all the extras that go with DVD's changed any part of the movie making process for you?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I feel that the DVD format beautifully supports the art of filmmaking
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: sometimes when you see your cinemascope movies squeezed into the tv box
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: it's depressing to see all that hard work change shape
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: But, with DVD you have the widescreen option plus the picture is crystal clear
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and the sound is fantastic

fantasia_y2000 asks: Ok Renny, I have to ask this to everyone with a DVD Player -- when given a choice, do you buy the Dolby Digital or the DTS version of a movie :-)
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: That's a tough question
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I probably would go for the DTS

houseofq asks: I loved the sound design in DBS, how much do you get involved in the way the movie finally sounds (like the sharks, explosions, etc,)
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: sound design for me is almost 50% of the impact of the movie
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I'm very careful in choosing my sound designers and I do lots of research to find the right person
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Sound shouldn't be just a wall of noise
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: but a delicately designed canvas where silence and different sound effects
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: create the experience
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: For deep blue sea, I chose Paul Huntsman who had just previously completed Terence Malick's
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Thin Red Line
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: He did a phenomenal job creating new types of underwater sounds for the sharks
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: his task was to replace that familiar Jaws musical tune with sound

troystiffler asks: Trevor Rabin has an AWESOME score to the movie, are there any plans to have a separate, isolated track on the DVD??
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Trevor did a great job on the movie
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: working under very tough circumstances
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: You should buy the Deep Blue Sea CD where you can enjoy Trevor's work
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: with one of the cool songs that LL Cool J put together for the film

saintscooby asks: there has been talk of a fomula 1 movie, is this true?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I've been working on the Formula 1 film for quite a while
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I feel that there hasn't been a true race car film in the age of digital sound
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and visuals
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: if you want to see a great race car movie of the older caliber
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: check out "Grand Prix" from John Frankenheimer
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: If all the deals can be done and the script works out, I hope to do a Formula 1 movie
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: that will truly put the audience in the driver's seat

brianhoelzel asks: Who has been your favorite actor to work with?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I've worked with lots of different types of actors and it's hard to put them in the order of preference
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I feel that from each of them I've learned a lot
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and I have great respect for them
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: usually my films are shot in extremely harsh conditions
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: if it's not cold and wet and something doesn't blow up, then it's probably not my film
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: all of my actors deserve a medal for surviving it all

pil0t313 asks: Which do you like better? Producing or Directing?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: i must say that directing definitely suits me better
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: but, as a producer I can tell many more stories
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: directing takes anywhere from a year and a half to two years per picture
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and your involvement is 24 hours 7 days a week
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: as a producer you can hire great talented people to do most of the dirty work

duganrm asks: do you have a specific movie that you feel is your best work?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I do have a certain fondness for "Long Kiss Goodnight"
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I felt that the challenges on the character level were unusually interesting for an action film
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and I felt that the combination of drama, humor, and action worked well

saintscooby asks: How do you come up with the ideas for most of your action squences?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I steal them from Teletubbies :)
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: those rascals sure know how to give us excitement

nimbus_dvd asks: Many of us are disappointed when our favorite movies aren't released on DVD with 16:9 enhancement. Are anamorphic transfers important to you?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: absolutely, please send e-mail, faxes and letters to all distributors
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and insist that all movies be released in their actual format
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: It is artistic rape to release them in any other way

marker57b asks: Renny, have you been asked to direct the fourth Die Hard film? I think you did an excellent job w/ Die Hard 2.
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Thank you for the compliment, but there hasn't been any talks regarding that
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and I think that I did my share with Die Hard 2

NedNurlin asks: Any chance of a sequel to Long Kiss Goodnight?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Unfortunately, Long Kiss Goodnight wasn't so financially successful
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: that would make a sequel possible.
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I do love the character's and would love to see them return in a future low budget film

hollywoodjer asks: Have you thought about collaborating with Jerry Bruckheimer at all?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: You can tell Jerry that I will work with him any time
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I think he is a great producer and really supports his directors the way a producer should
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Search and destroy
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: in all seriousness, I work very hard trying to find new visual ways of sucking the audience into the story
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and giving them an experience that is hopefully more effective than what they have seen before

ticcdb asks: Do you storyboard and how important do you feel it is?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I've been storyboarding all my film since the early 80's
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: for me it
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: It's also a great tool for communication with all the different departments
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: from production design to special effects
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Also, many actors enjoy seeing themselves in storyboards as comic book characters
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: for each movie I do over 3,000 illustrations
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: the Deep Blue Sea includes some of my storyboards
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and you can check into more of them on my internet site rennyharlin.com

chezhunter_1999 asks: I just saw Deep Blue Sea again today. What was the biggest challenge in creating this movie?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: making the sharks look real
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: with a combination of real ones, mechanical ones, and CGI created ones
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I wanted to show the sharks in a way that had not been done before
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I was scared until the very end that the sharks wouldn't look convincing
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Making a shark movie is very different from other monster movies

saintscooby asks: There was talk that you turned down Meg at disney for DBS, is this true?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Disney and Warner Bros. were both talking abou the possibility of making a shark movie
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I briefly considered Meg, but felt Deep Blue Sea was more suitable for my taste

fantasia_y2000 asks: Renny was it coincidence that Deep Blue Sea was released around the same time as Lake Placid (I think Deep Blue Sea was much better by the way)
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: This summer was a very tough one
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Unfortunately, many movies hurt each other by coming out so close together
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: It's no secret that The Blair Witch Project was a gigantic surprise to every studio
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and ended up swallowing a lot of the movie going population unexpectedly
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: It became a phenomenon and releasing a movie anywhere close to it
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: was like releasing a movie at the same time as Star Wars
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: The beauty of the phenomenon was that it proved once again
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: how little in Hollywood all know
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: oops we all know
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: Do you feel that Deep Blue Sea will find new life on DVD away from this past crazy summer?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: The word of mouth on Deep Blue Sea seemed to be very strong
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: but there probably are people who didn't get to see it when so many movies
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: were opening at the same time
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Also, some of them might have been worried about similarities with Jaws
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I can assure you that this film is very different from Jaws
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and I believe that people will have a lot of fun with the DVD
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Just when you thought it was embarassing to go back into the water
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: you can now be scared in the comfort of your own home

fantasia_y2000 asks: Renny, how involved are you in the production of the dvds of your movies?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I'm very involved

Tue Nov 16 19:16:25 1999
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I discuss what scenes should be added
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and what other materials should be included
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I try to create an experience that will complement the film in the best possible way
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: Now that Deep Blue Sea is going to be released with so many extras are you going to be thinking ahead about what will be on a DVD when you shoot a film?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Definitely
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I always try to get as much behind the scenes footage as I can
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I have my whole staff shooting video day and night
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: hopefully, on the next one we can really include some unsual stuff
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: that your average behind the scenes won't reveal
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I am not familiar enough to comment on different studios' practices
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: but, I don't really see the down side of loading the disc with cool extra stuff

chezhunter_1999 asks: How hard was it for the actors to interact with the mechanical sharks
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I think that the most difficult thing for actors is acting against a blue screen
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: in those cases you have to imagine what you are seeing
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: with mechanical sharks, the reactions are fairly realistic
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: when an 8,000 lb, 1,000 Hp shark is coming at you at 35 mph.

chezhunter_1999 asks: Has Hollywood depended too much on the CGI technology to make films?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I think that to a certain extent we are living in a similar period as when sound was invented
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: in a certain way the art of filmmaking took a step back
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: in order to accomodate sound
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and I think soon, good story telling and complex characters will take the driver's seat

dodgelover32 asks: Do you ever plan on acting in any movies or making a cameo appearance in one of your own?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I think acting is safest with the professionals, but I did accidentally walk
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: in front of the camera in one the scenes in Deep Blue SEa

ashshemp1999 asks: What's your least favorite aspect of directing?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: That is a good question
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: The pressures of completing every day on schedule and on budget
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: while forces of nature and technical malfunctions might all be against you
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: is tremendous
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: When you see all those beautiful dreams that you had during pre-production
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: fly away and the harsh reality ends up on film
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: you sometimes want to cry
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: OK We've got time for just a few more questions

ticcdb asks: I've recently noticed that you were actually a Producer on the movie Blast From The Past! What were the circumstances that brought you on board for that one?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Usually the films that I produce are developed by my company Midnight Sun pictures
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Blast From The Past took several years to develop from an idea that was brought to me
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: We took it to New Line Cinema and they agreed to finance the film
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: As a producer, I try to tell stories that I might not direct
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and stories that might not get told otherwise
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Cutthroat Island was a childhood dream
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Don't we all want to be pirates?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Unfortunately, what happens to many Hollywood films
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: is that once you have all the elements together
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and get rushed into production, the script is not necessarily ready
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: We had beautiful locations, great boats, costumes, and weapons
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: We had some excellent actors and lots of enthusiasm
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: As a matter of fact, we had so much fun sailing the oceans of Thailand
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: shooting cannons and swinging from ropes that we felt
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: that this much fun could not go unpunished
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and we were right
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Also, the movie came out during the overcrowded Christmas season
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: with very little support from its distributor
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I still like the film and believe that for every twelve year old in us
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: it offers some fun pirate action adventure

ticcdb asks: What was it that first drew you into making feature films and how did you get started?
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I loved movies since I was 5 years old
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: My most vivid experiences are from my very early teens when my mother
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: who was a huge Hitchcock fan
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: took me to see all those startling films
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I used to write stories, draw comic books, and make radio plays for my friends
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: When Don Siegal came to shoot The Telephone with Charles Bronson in Finland
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I saw what a director looked like
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: in the early 70's
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I was about 14
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: That's when I announced to my friends that I will become an American film director
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: OK Here's our last question

anamorphic_lens asks: I noticed that all of your films are filmed in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio (kudos to you! :)). Is there an artistic choice behind this? Would you ever feel the need to film a movie in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio? By the way, DIE HARD 2 is definately the best of the trilogy!
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I grew up being a fan of spectacular cinemascope movies made in Hollywood
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: then came all the Peckinpah movies
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: For me, that moment of the curtain opening and revealing that spectacular wide screen
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: is an amazing experience
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I think that the only right way is to show movies in the scope format
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I love it and I love composing my shots to it
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: Thank you for your compliment regarding Die Hard 2
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I think it's darn good too
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: We want to thank Renny For joining us tonight and we hope he'll come back and chat with us again soon.
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: I am sorry I couldn't answer all of them
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: It was great to have a chance to answer your questions
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: We've been talking to you from my offices on the Warner Bros lot in Hollywood
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: And I hope wherever you are, you will keep going to the movies
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: It's a beautiful warm night here in Los Angeles
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: and watch DVDs and check into more info on my site www.rennyharlin.com/
dvdtalkguest_renny_harlin: And it might take a little while, but I do answer all my e-mail
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: Thanks Renny! Also I want to remind everyone we're going to be doing a Renny Harlin Giveaway
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: at www.DVDTalk.com
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: Also be sure to join us next week at 6:00PM PST/9:00PM EST on Yahoo Chat for a chat with the makers of Apocalypse Now, and possibly a big surprise guest!
dvdtalkhost_geoff_kleinman: Thank you everyone!


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