Hack//Legend of the Twilight 1
Bandai // Unrated // $29.98 // May 25, 2004
Review by Don Houston | posted May 23, 2004
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Movie: There's an old adage that states popular shows never die, they're just spun off into infinite variations of a theme as long as they make money. Such is the case with the latest anime release from Bandai, .Hack//Legend Of The Twilight 1: A New World. Set up in the same Universe as .hack//Sign but four years later, the virtual world show is reopened with a new cast and a new mystery. For those who never watched the original series, it was a spin off of a role-playing videogame where characters signed onto a virtual computer world and fought the good fight, battling against all sorts of evil as they sought to uncover a mystery involving one of the characters. Much like the online gaming community today, you'd gain experience and equipment as you survived various challenges. In the series, there was a mystery about one character that appeared to be stuck inside the world, making the stakes somewhat higher for him.

In this latest incarnation of the show, four years have passed and the virtual world is supposedly much safer for those who use it. A little girl, Rena, and her brother, Shugo, win a contest so they get to don the character images of two retired contestants from years past. This leads a number of people to hover around them, either for the fame element or to further their own plans, and the young duo soon find out that their lack of skill in the world leaves them vulnerable to attack.

Their motivations for playing the game vary, Shugo just wants to spend time with his sister (they are separated from one another due to family matters) and she thinks they'll have a lot of fun exploring the popular game together. As the episodes progressed, it became evident that a new mystery has arisen, one that involves the two young players but it probably won't be for quite some time before anything meaningful is known about it. The episodes this time were:

Episode One: The Legendary Hero
Episode Two: Kite's Bracelet
Episode Three: The Phoenix Feather
Episode Four: Tanabata Night

This version of the popular series seemed geared far more to children than the previous one did since the attitude, the characters behavior, and the entire setting was more simplistic. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what you're looking for. Personally, I enjoy the series where you have to engage your brain more so this was only worth a Rent It from me but those with kids looking for some light entertainment might enjoy this one a whole lot more.

Picture: The picture was presented in 1.85:1 ratio Anamorphic Widescreen and looked great. The colors were vibrant and as clear as I think I've seen on my television. While the anime style itself wasn't the most detailed, it had a lot going for it in terms of a "look" that fans seem to like. I didn't see any artifacts or other dvd transfer problems when I watched it.

Sound: The sound was presented with a choice of 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English or Japanese with optional English subtitles. The vocals on each track were well done and the music was also exceptionally clear and appropriate. The separation and dynamic range of the audio channels was very well developed and this added to the pleasure of the show.

Extras: The extras were somewhat standardized this time. There was the usual textless opening and closing, art gallery sketches, trailers, minimal paper insert, and credits but also a couple of liner notes too. They consisted of two fables that were referred to in the episodes titled, The Old Man Who Made Flowers Bloom and The Story Of Tanabata. There was also a trailer for the videogame the show was based on.

Final Thoughts: If you liked the show this one came from or the videogame itself, you might well enjoy it more than I did. My rating was primarily given for those with no exposure to the series since this is one that most anime lovers will either like or hate with little middle ground between them. I'll reserve my judgment as to where the show is headed or if it's just another attempt to cash in on the franchise but it had some potential. Perhaps we'll get to see that potential realized in later volumes.

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