Touchstone // PG-13 // September 23, 2005
Review by Shannon Nutt | posted September 28, 2005
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On her recent appearance on Inside The Actor's Studio, Jodie Foster stated that most of the films she does deal with abandonment in one way or another and that's certainly the case with Flightplan. The story about a recent widower flying back to the United States with her young daughter, Foster's character must not only deal with the her child vanishing during the flight, but the possible disappearance of her very sanity as well.

Most have already seen the promos for Flightplan, so you already know the basic plot. After falling asleep during the long flight, Foster awakens to find her daughter missing and nowhere to be found. Becoming more anxious as time goes on, she pleads with the pilot and crew to search the plane but a more extensive search reveals nothing, except for the fact that Foster's character may be more delusional than the audience initially believed.

Then again, there's always the chance that Foster's character is not crazy...which makes everyone aboard the flight a suspect. Credit director Robert Schwentkle for sprinkling the supporting cast with actors whom we just know have to be behind this devious plot...don't they? There's Sean Bean as the pilot...who was last seen either trying to off 007 in GoldenEye or Harrison Ford in Patriot Games. That's Suspect #1. Then there's Peter Sarsgaard as a Federal Air Marshal on board the flight. He was last seen ratcheting up the terror in The Skeleton Key. Mark him down as Suspect #2. Then there's the sexy Erika Christensen as one of the flight attendants. We know she just can't be in this movie with nothing else to do, so she must be in on it, right? Make her Suspect #3. And those are just the prime suspects there's some Arabs on the flight; a stocky American who seems just a bit too interested in what's going on; and that guy with his wife and kids...he looks suspicious too!

Of course, I wouldn't dream of spoiling the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it yet...but I will say that Flightplan turns from what could have been an interesting psychological thriller into little more than Die Hard 4 in the final half hour. The good news is that Jodie Foster's acting is so solid throughout, we almost forgive her for signing on to this manipulative little thriller.

Although it has enough plot holes to drive a semi-truck through, I can't say that I wasn't entertained by Flightplan, and there haven't been a whole lot of new movies doing that these days. This won't be remembered as one of Jodie's best films, and it's certainly not as good as her last movie, Panic Room, but if you can check your mind at the door and suspend your disbelief for long enough, you'll probably have a pleasant flight.

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