Chained Heat 2
New Line // R // $19.97 // October 18, 2005
Review by Ian Jane | posted October 28, 2005
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The Movie:

Alex Morrison (Kimberly Kates) is sentenced by a corrupt Czech government to prison, to serve time for a crime that she didn't commit – smuggling cocaine into the country! Before you can say 'shower scene' poor Alex is whisked off to a nasty woman's prison deep in the heart of the Czech Republic where freedom is no longer in the vocabulary and sinister prison wardens are able to do with the prisoners as they please.

When Alex shows up in the big house, she learns the rules fast. The evil warden, Magda Kassar (Brigitte Nielson) and her lesbian lover rule the pen with an iron fist and have no qualms whatsoever about forcing the inmates to run their illegal cocaine trade for them… in the nude! That's right, they force the ladies to get down to their birthday suits and work the cocaine processing for them, all the while laughing diabolically and frolicking whenever and with whomever they choose. To make matters worse, Magda and her cohorts are also dabbling in prostitution and illegal gambling on the prison grounds, all at the expense of the poor, foxy inmates.

Alex isn't so down with her new abode. Good thing for her that her sister on the outside, Suzanne (Kari Whitman), decides to launch her own secret investigation to try and find out why her sister was locked up. She believes that Alex is innocent and she's able to recruit her pal Franklin Goff (Paul Koslo) to help her out. He agrees to take up her cause, as his sister was recently found to be one of the many fatalities linked to the prison and he wants revenge.

Together they roam the streets of Prague looking for evidence and working their way up to the American Ambassador who they figure can help them. Unfortunately for them, the conspiracy runs deep and thick all through the country and it's going to be up to the inmates to fend for themselves and defeat their captors once and for all if they want to make it out of the prison alive and regain their freedom.

The beautiful thing about this movie is that everyone involved in it plays it completely straight. There's nothing even remotely realistic about anything in this film, from the sets to the size of the chests to the action and the violence but the cast, champions that they are, don't let that get in the way of at least attempting to give honest performances. There's really not anything that anyone in their right mind would consider 'good' about Chained Heat 2, it's a completely gratuitous exploitation movie that has little regard for plot or story and really only exists to show off scantily clad or naked woman making out, fighting, or getting taken advantage of. With that in mind, in that aspect, it is an entertaining trash film and it does deliver all of the requirements set fourth by the women in prison films that came before it. If you're into Ilsa or The Big Bird Cage, you'll probably enjoy this one too as it's more of the same, despite the fact that it isn't as well made or exciting as either of those aforementioned films.



The 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer shows a bit of grain in the darker scenes but otherwise looks very clean and very nice. Black levels stay strong and deep, there aren't any problems with mpeg compression artifacts, and edge enhancement is kept to a minimum. Flesh tones look lifelike and accurate and color definition is strong. The reds appear bold and bright but not so much as to bleed into the other colors at all. Chained Heat 2 looks great.


Surprisingly enough, you've got your choice of a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound mix or a DTS 5.1 Surround Sound mix, both in English with optional English language closed captioning provided for the hearing impaired.

As you could probably guess the DTS mix has a bit more strength in the lower end but regardless of which track you opt for, you'll more than likely be pleased with the results. Dialogue is clean and clear and there aren't any problems on either track with hiss or distortion. One or two oddly placed directional effects are noticeable but other than that, everything sounds far better than I think anyone really expected for a movie of this caliber.


Sadly, here's where we get the shaft – aside from a weblink, this release is completely barebones and it doesn't even come with a trailer or a still gallery.

Final Thoughts:

Fans of the women in prison subgenre and all of the sleazy thrills that it often times entails should get a kick out of this completely trashy diversion. Chained Heat 2 is by no means a good film, but it lays on the gratuitous sex and violence pretty thick, and there's enough unintentional camp value in here to make it an entertaining exploitation movie. Rent it.

Now bring on the first Chained Heat with Linda Blair already!

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