Playboy: 2006 Video Playmate Calendar
Playboy // Unrated // $19.98 // November 15, 2005
Review by Don Houston | posted December 11, 2005
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Movie: Fifty years ago, a man by the name of Hugh Hefner started something of a revolution in the United States by publishing a magazine called Playboy. The driving thrust of the magazine was to provide adult entertainment for men that included cheesecake pictures of attractive women (like Marilyn Monroe!), well written articles and interviews. More than just a magazine, it offered a lifestyle to an appreciative audience of men that had previously been vilified for wanting something different than the socially accepted and approved idea that a guy had to get a job, a wife, raise a family, and stick to a monogamous lifestyle counter to our genetic programming. Mr. Hefner was so successful that the term "Playboy" became a calling card for men willing to embrace a desire for the so-called good life, unencumbered by religious contracts with a single mate (especially in a day and age where 50% of all marriages end in divorce, often with the man getting screwed over). This publishing empire expanded into a series of clubs, a television series, the internet, movies and a host of other projects that made it a worldwide powerhouse with the monthly centerfolds becoming the object of desire for millions of guys (and more than a few women); sometimes launching careers for the ladies lasting decades. The DVD format has seen a lot of releases by the company too, with Playboy: Girls of Playboy and Playboy: Hottest Housewives just a few in a long line of titillating titles that were long on tease (but short on anything else). Today's review of Playboy: Playmate Video Calendar 2006 is a set of twelve vignettes of gals deemed especially worthy of presentation in short (~5 minutes each) vignettes where the gals pranced about in various outfits, stripping and teasing while some music played and they narrated some generic comments. Here's a quick look at the gal's with some pictures included as requested by a number of you:

Jillian Grace was the January 2005 Video Playmate

Jillian is an 18 year old proud of her appearance on Howard Stern. She was Miss March 2005 and seemed like a sweety.

Scarlett Keegan was the February 2005 Video Playmate

Scarlett was Miss September 2004 and comes from a rural area in California. I'm not used to seeing gals with small, natural breasts in Playboy.

Kimberly Holland was the March 2005 Video Playmate

Kimberly was Miss October 2004 and studies at the University of Houston. She grew up in Humble, Texas (up the road apiece from yours truly) and looks like a younger version of Savanna Samson.

Amber Campisi was the April 2005 Video Playmate

Amber was Miss February 2005 from Dallas Texas who wants to take over her family restaurant.

Kara Monaco was the May 2005 Video Playmate

Kara was Miss June 2005 and claimed to be laid back, hailing from Florida.

Qiana Chase was the June 2005 Video Playmate

Qiana was Miss July 2005 and claimed she was doing this for her race.

Jamie Westenhiser was the July 2005 Video Playmate

Jamie was Miss May 2005 and claimed being a Playmate was her dream job.

Colleen Shannon was the August 2005 Video Playmate

Colleen was Miss January 2004, also Playboy's 50th Anniversary Playmate, and her ride on the mechanical bull was hot!

Cara Zavaleta was the September 2005 Video Playmate

Cara was Miss November 2004 and is likely best known for her role hosting MTV's Road Rules series.

Destiny Davis was the October 2005 Video Playmate

Destiny was Miss January 2005 and goes to school in Las Vegas.

Courtney Culkin was the November 2005 Video Playmate

Courtney was Miss April 2005 and from New York, a city that matches her abundant energy.

Tiffany Fallon was the December 2005 Video Playmate

Tiffany was Miss December 2004 and the 2005 Playmate of the Year.

The format of the vignettes was the same as all of the Playboy DVDs I've had the opportunity to watch. Filmed in various locations and settings designed to enhance the look of the ladies, they employed a light rock & roll soundtrack as the gals pranced about in slow motion with wind machines in the background and an effort at lighting them to look their best. The benefit of the vignettes is that if one gal doesn't work for you, you can skip her and move onto the next gal. Keep in mind though that none of these women were marginal in terms of looks or sex appeal. The diversity of selection was solid too although the emphasis was, like the magazine, heavily weighted on busty white women. (Diversity means many things to many people, I was referring to their geographic origin and physical attributes more than race.)

So, what should I rate the DVD? Well, I'm used to hardcore porn so as a general rule, something like this isn't going to trip my trigger enough to rate it very high but the women were very attractive and the replay value this time was better than both Playboy: Girls of Playboy and Playboy: Hottest Housewives. Further, while I would've liked better extras and a lengthier show, the cost was pretty low and the technical values solid. I'm going to be generous and rate it as Recommended for those of you wanting something more erotic than graphic but even the magazine's pictorials have more flesh offered up so know what to expect and you'll be happier with it.

Picture: Playboy: Playmate Video Calendar 2006 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color presentation it was produced in by Michael Trikilis. In general, it looked as expected with a lot of visual effects used to enhance the features of the young ladies displayed in the vignettes. The fleshtones were accurate, the grain apparently added into some scenes for effect, and the lighting on par with most Playboy productions. There were no compression artifacts or video noise to mar the viewing experience either.

Sound: The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English. The vocals were narrated and the music varied from light rock & roll to rockabilly to something similar to Amy Grant (there were no music credits or I'd let you know about them). There wasn't a lot of separation between the channels and the dynamic range won't test your high end home theatre set ups but it was decently handled.

Extras: The extras were limited to some Playmate videographies (strictly Playboy titles though it included them for far more than the gals in the scenes; going back years in fact); a photogallery, and a set of Playmate Data Sheets as originally presented in their centerfold spreads (for the gals in the show only though).

The best extra was the Playmate Data Sheets of the ladies

Final Thoughts: Playboy: Playmate Video Calendar 2006 was a lot of fun for me to watch and had some decent replay value driven by the attractive cast of cuties in the vignettes. I'd have preferred seeing more of them in action, using up the two hours a single sided DVD can muster, but in general, the show was light fun even for a jaded guy like me. If you're looking for anything deeper than a small puddle on a spring afternoon, look elsewhere but watching babes prance around in their lingerie (if that!) to music is what most men seem to appreciate these days and the show offers a lot of that type of thing for you.

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