WWE - Taboo Tuesday 2005
World Video // Unrated // $24.95 // November 29, 2005
Review by John Crichton | posted January 14, 2006
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Raw presented the second "Taboo Tuesday" PPV in San Diego, California on November 1st, 2005. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of "Taboo Tuesday", this is the annual PPV that the fans are supposedly in charge of. Fans that log on to WWE.com before the event will be able to choose things such as "What type of match will Coach and Batista have?" or "What outfit will the Divas be wearing during?". However, unlike last year's event and with the exception of the main event voting, this one seems to be more determined by the fans.

Here's the card:

  • SmackDown! Challenge - Tag Team Match [Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy vs. Snitsky & Chris Masters] - For this first match, viewers had to choose which SmackDown! superstars Snitsky & Masters would face. Their options were Rey, JBL, Hardcore Holly, Matt Hardy and Christian (though he had quite the WWE the day before). Originally, Edge was supposed to be Masters' partner, but due to an injury, Snitsky took his place. In spite of Masters and Snitsky's participation in the match, it was pretty damn entertaining. Rey and Matt did a great job carrying the match and the Raw boys had to do was toss them around the ring.

  • Mick Foley And Maria Get Their Bags Mixed Up

  • Eugene & Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs. Rob Conway & Tyson Tomko - Since ditching "La Resistance", Conway has tried to set himself up as Raw's Randy Orton - a "legend killer". In this match, fans get to choose from three WWE Legends - "Hacksaw" Jim Dugan, Kamala and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka for him to "kill". Guess who wins. Rob Conway has more skills than Tomko, though Eugene was better than both. Though Jimmy didn't wrestle as much as I would've liked, it was good to see him in the ring again. However, I think I enjoyed this match more than the audience did.

  • Mankind vs. Carlito - Initially, I didn't remember how Carlito and Foley's feud started. Yeah, it was THAT memorable. But thankfully, the WWE had a video package to remind us. For this match, fans were able to choose Mick's "face". The options were "Dude Love", "Cactus Jack" or "Mankind". Personally, I would've gone with Cactus Jack - but that's just me.

  • Eric Bishoff Visits Mr. McMahon's Office

  • World Tag Team Championship Match [Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Kane & Big Show] - Two guys that started Raw as a tag team versus two fellas that were randomly thrown together. Guess who wins? I can't for the life of me wonder what the WWE writers are thinking when the script this stuff. Why even bother having a tag team belt when a "true" tag team always seems to get squashed by two random wrestlers thrown together?

  • Vader, Goldust & Jonathan Coachman Prepare For Their Match

  • the WWE Divas Line Up To Find Out What Outfit They'll Be Wearing In the Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal

  • Street Fight [Batista vs. Jonathan Coachman with Vader & Goldust] - Originally, Vince was setting up an eagerly anticipated match between Stone Cold and his fiercest opponent - Jonathan Coachman. However, thanks to an injury (though at the time it was rumored Austin was unhappy with recently departed J.R.'s treatment by Vince), Batista had to fill in. I admit that I liked Goldust back when he was teamed with Booker T., but he really didn't look too good here. Also, Coach and Vader should never be allowed near the ring again. Perhaps the viewers would've been better off making this a "Verbal Debate"?

  • Todd Grisham Interviews Shawn Michaels

  • Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal [Trish Stratus vs. Ashley vs. Candice Michelle vs. Mickie James vs. Maria vs. Victoria] - I don't mind watching six women go at each other, but when only two of the six have any wrestling skill, it makes for a painful match. There were a ton of missed spots, but the ladies' outfits made up for it. Kinda.
  • Steel Cage Match For the WWE Intercontinental Championship [Ric Flair vs. Triple H] - This was, hands down, THE match of the entire PPV. As i've said before, Ric's the MAN and, while I might not like listening to HHH ramble on incessantly as he takes up most of Raw's airtime, depending on his opponent, he does put it all out there. Watch this match and you'll see what i'm talking about. In fact, this should've been the main event.
  • Triple-Threat Match For the WWE Championship [John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels] - This match reminds me of that old Sesame Street song that says "Which one of these things just doesn't belong?" And despite Vince's best efforts, I think the audience is beginning to catch on. It's a shame Angle and Michaels didn't spend more time teaming up to kick the crap out of Cena. THAT was pretty damn entertaining.

In addition to the matches above, the following extras are also included:

  • WWE Championship Match Story [2m 25s]
  • Mr. Striker's Classroom [2m 22s] - Matt Striker was a social studies teacher from Queens who was fired/forced to resign after his school discovered he was calling in sick to wrestle.
  • Todd Grisham Interviews Christian [57s] - Todd does a quick interview with Christian asking him why he quit the WWE.
  • Batista Talks To Ric Flair In the Locker Room - A touching backstage interlude between Batista and Flair. Batista also has a quick run-in with HHH before it ends.

    Video: Taboo Tuesday's picture was colorful and vibrant. Unlike the recent No Mercy, there were some slight compression issues due to all the pyro and graphic elements. It's presented in the WWE's standard full frame 1.33:1 ratio.

    Audio: The Dolby Digital 5.1 sound was crystal clear and enveloped my living room while I was watching it. Viewers are also given the option of watching the disc in Spanish.

    Conclusion: I'm on the fence regarding this disc. On the one hand, other than the SmackDown! and Flair/HHH matches, there weren't too many matches that blew me away. If you're a fan of the brand, i'm sure you've already made up your mind. However, wrestling fans owe it to themselves to check out the Flair/HHH match. On the strength of that match alone, i'm going to let this disc squeak by as a Recommended disc.

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