Exposed: The Making of a Legend
TLA Releasing // Unrated // $19.99 // January 24, 2006
Review by Raymond So | posted July 10, 2006
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The Movie:
This video documents the making of the 2004 all-male adult film 'BuckleRoos', one of the most award-winning adult films in history. It is basically a "making of" featurette expanded to full 97 minute feature-length. The DVD has been marketed to a general audience and is available through mainstream retailers as an unrated documentary, rather than as an "adult" film relegated to specialty stores only. The question is, can what normally would just be a bonus "extra" tacked on to the DVD release of the feature film be interesting enough and have enough value by itself to succeed as its own separate DVD release? And, would such a DVD have any appeal or even make sense for those who have not seen the feature film?

'Exposed' follows the basic format viewers have gotten used to from seeing "behind the scenes" featurettes included in so many of today's DVDs. We begin with the directors explaining the concept for 'BuckleRoos' (a cowboy-themed fantasy), then the video takes the viewer day by day through the extended three week filming of what would ultimately end up as a two-part, four hour epic that ranks as a porn equivalent of 'The Ten Commandments'. Along the way, we are introduced to each of the models/actors and many of the crew (totally 39 men and 1 woman), and get to see the elaborate set-up required before each scene is filmed. Interspersed are segments showing the behind-the-scenes interaction of the cast and crew as many of them bond during the long shoot (no pun intended). After the filming of 'BuckleRoos' is completed, we see the tearful goodbyes as the cast and crew talk about how special and different the experience was from other adult films they have worked on, and how many had developed incredible bonds of friendship with each other. The video continues with a question and answer section where the cast discusses all those things you've always wanted to ask adult performers: whether their family knows what they are doing, whether the film crew ever ends up having sex with the cast or each other, whether the actors have "regular" jobs in their normal lives, whether any of them are just playing "gay for pay", etc. Finally, the video wraps up at the 2005 GAYVN Awards where 'BuckleRoos' swept the night to end up with 16 awards in such diverse categories as "best solo performance", "best marketing", "best threesome", "best non-sexual performance", and of course, "best film".

The DVD:

This video is presented in full-screen format. The video is clear and detailed with nice vivid colors and lighting, and seems more on par with what would be expected for a main feature rather than a "behind-the-scenes" look. This is particularly surprising given the "live" documentary nature of such filming, where one might expect lighting and background to not be conducive to showcasing detail and skin tones properly. The video quality is actually better than that of many featurettes found on other DVDs where the quality is often quite substandard compared to the main feature.

The one audio track is Dolby Digital Stereo. This is adequate for the needs of this video. Voices are clear and understandable. The "twangy" countryish background music is by nature limited in fidelity so this is never an issue on the DVD. Overall, there is a feeling of depth and realism in the audio mix.

Considering that the DVD itself is in many ways an extended "Extra", there is not much to be expected for additional extra features. Except for a scene selection feature, there are trailers for this title as well as three other DVD releases from TLA Releasing, and a short and rather unnecessary Photo Gallery that shows still images of several scenes from 'Exposed' that don't seem particularly meaningful in their selection or order.

Final Thoughts:
Clearly fans of the featured models/actors would appreciate the insider look at their favorite adult stars, and fans of 'BuckleRoos' would enjoy the intimate look at how this award-winning film was made, but surprisingly, this DVD is more interesting to a general audience than one might expect. Those who have not seen 'BuckleRoos' are not a disadvantage, as 'Exposed' focuses not so much on the production and sexual aspects of making an adult film, but rather the people involved. We experience the friendships that develop on set, and feel like we get to know the personalities and backgrounds of many of the cast and crew. What might surprise viewers most is that many of these adult performers seem like such nice, normal people that you might enjoy hanging out with in a non-sexual setting. As for nudity, there is definitely plenty to be seen throughout the video as the cast is rather unshy about letting it all hang out on set, but in the end, relatively little of the filming of the sex scenes from 'BuckleRoos' is shown, so those thinking they can get the extended action of an actual adult video in a title found at mainstream retailers will be disappointed. Still, there are enough erections and bare bottoms here from several of the adult industry's biggest stars that those seeking a quick thrill will get what they are looking for. For many, the matter-of-fact, no-big-deal way these stars will sit or walk around the set naked is as thrilling as a staged filmed scene. 'Exposed: The Making of a Legend' is recommended for anyone who is interested at an inside look at the filming of an all-male adult video and the personalities of those in the industry.

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