Flavor Of Love - The Complete Second Season
Paramount // Unrated // $38.99 // October 24, 2006
Review by Aaron Beierle | posted December 3, 2006
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The Movie:

A show that some will find hilarious and others will find marks a new low in television, "Flavor of Love" is an absolute train wreck of a reality series starring none other than Flavor Flav, the former member of legendary rap group Public Enemy. After being something of a breakout hit on the reality shows, "Surreal Life 3" and "Strange Love" (a show following his romance with "Surreal" co-star Brigitte Nielsen), Flav breaks off on his own in this take on "The Bachelor", which quickly became one of VH-1's highest-rated shows.

Anyone who's seen "The Bachelor" will be familiar with how things work: Flavor Flav and 20 women (each of whom are given a nickname, because Flav can't remember details too well) are loaded into a L.A. mansion, where they'll interact (read: the women will unleash the mother of all catfights) and Flavor will end up picking one of them to potentially be his Mrs. Flav. Last time, Flav picked a girl that didn't return the love, so now it's time to gather up another group of potential nutcases, er...I mean, candidates. The season also sees the return of ultra diva New York, the runner-up from the first round whose mother (who shows up in the episode, "Family Flavors") is even worse than she is.

However, things won't be easy for the Flavettes, as one or more of the women are given the boot each week. Nearly every episode has the girls competing against one another in a series of challenges, from running a soul food restaurant to cleaning up a rapper's apartment after a party to a dance-off to a photo shoot. However, the larger competition appears to be trying not to get scratched up by the other contestants (mere yelling is just not enough for "Flavor of Love"; the first episode starts with a fistfight and ends with one of the contestants accidentally taking a poop on the floor off-screen.) Instead of getting a rose like "The Bachelor", the girls who are picked get a clock (much like Flav's famous one) to wear around their neck.

All of the women are clearly on the show to get some airtime, which makes it even more hilarious when they start throwing out accusations that other contestants are not truly in it to be with Flav. The first "Flavor of Love" was one of VH1's most successful programs ever due to the fact that it was a complete and utter train wreck, taking reality TV to absurd new levels. The first season raised the bar to new lows, but it's impressive that the second season manages to take the trashiness to a new (and often hysterical) level.

The majority of the show is presented here in an uncensored format (there's a wide assortment of cursing.)

12. Sumthin's Stinkin' in the House of Flav 8/6/2006
13 Flav is Blind 8/13/2006
14 She Works Hard for Her Honey 8/20/2006
15 Jelly on the Telly 8/27/2006
16 Famous Friends and Strangeness 9/3/2006
17 Who Loves New York 9/10/2006
18 Boxin Each Other Out 9/17/2006
19 Steppin' Out Flav Style 9/24/2006
20 Family Flavors 10/1/2006
21 Oh No She Didn't! 10/8/2006
22 Belize in Love 10/15/2006


VIDEO: "Flavor of Love" is presented by Paramount Home Entertainment in the show's original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio. Image quality appears to be about the same as broadcast, with images looking consistently crisp and clean, if never razor-sharp.

Aside from some minor shimmering and a couple of tiny moments of artifacting, the picture looked crisp and clean. Colors remained bright and vibrant, with no smearing or other issues.

SOUND: "Flavor" is presented with a first-rate stereo soundtrack, which clearly presents every quotable line and offers up the bass behind the tunes.

EXTRAS: "Adventures of Toastee" (5 minutes) provides a further look at Toastee's drunken antics (as well as an extended discussion of the adult picture that resulted in her getting booted.) "Girls Gone Flav" (5 minutes) offers more of the aftermath of the fight from the first episode, as well as more with Flav and New York. "Booty Shakin" offers a couple of additional moments with the girls shakin' it for the camera. "Something Left Over" looks into the incident where a soiled tampon was left in the shower of one of the contestants.

"Casting Madness" is a 6-minute look at some of the audition tapes. "Pimps Make the Call" (3 minutes) has Flavor Flav's friends making the call as to who they think he should pick. "Songs that Make You Scream" (3 minutes) looks at some of the contestants singing...none of whom are the next "American Idol". "Call of the Wild" is a short look at contestant "Buckwild"'s exit. Finally, we get 3 featurettes covering more of "Flav's Philosophies", New York and a shower scene.

Final Thoughts: Completely absurd and fake and yet often surprisingly funny, "Flavor of Love" is a guilty pleasure and even more over-the-top this time around. The DVD offers fine audio/video quality and a nice set of supplements. Recommended for reality fans.

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