Toto - Live in Amsterdam
Eagle Vision // Unrated // $24.98 // November 21, 2006
Review by Jeff Paramchuk | posted January 7, 2007
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To some, Toto tends to be the butt of jokes generally centered on the 1980s, but it's obvious when looking at the track record of the band that they've definitely left a mark on the history of rock. Even 25 years after they started, the still sell out huge stadiums as evidenced by this Blu-Ray concert from Eagle Vision, 25th Anniversary Toto Live from Amsterdam.

The band had some huge success in the 80s specifically with their giant album Toto IV, which included the two songs Toto are best known for, Africa and Rosanna. Rest assured, both of these tracks are performed during this 15+ song set, along with a slew of others that are sure to bring back memories of the days of slouch socks and leg warmers. The band hit massive heights winning seven Grammy awards in 1992, and took on the challenge of scoring the film Dune for director David Lynch.

After a tragedy taking the life of one band member in the early 1990s and having been reduced to a quartet, the band continued on only to reconnect with singer Bobby Kimball for their twentieth anniversary as a band. Five years and one new album later, the group hit the proverbial road entertaining fans worldwide with a trip through the Toto history books.

The concert features fifteen tracks covering over twenty songs thanks to a couple of lengthy medleys that the band throws into the mix. The track listing is as follows:

1. Girl Goodbye / Goodbye Elenore / Child's Anthem / I'll Supply the Love
2. Gift with a Golden Gun
3. While my Guitar Gently Weeps
4. Bodhisattva
5. Africa
6. Solo David Paich
7. Dune / Don't Stop me Now
8. Waiting for Your Love / Georgy Porgy / Lion / Hydra / English Eyes / Till the End
9. I Won't Hold You Back
10. Rosanna
11. Afraid of Love
12. Hold the Line
13. Next to You
14. Home of the Brave
15. White Sister

How's it look:

Toto Live in Amsterdam was another slightly disappointing entry into the concert on Blu-Ray world. Throughout the show, grain was noticeable and to top that even the focus was off during some shots. Yes the colors came through nice and crisp, but when the stage is predominantly black it's easy to splash the footage with a spotlight and make it seem crisp.

Even during the requisite close ups of band members the level of detail fluctuated between excellent and non-existent.

How's it Sound:

Three options are included during the concert portion of the BD. The standard DTS, DD5.1 and LPCM tracks are all here and accounted for. Similar to other concert discs the Dolby track here is the least welcoming, offering slightly tinnier sounds than the DTS track. While the DTS does offer a little more punch, it's the LPCM track which stands out as the winner, bringing the high pitched chorus of Africa and the low verses of Rosanna to your ears with excellent clarity.


A roughly 30 minute behind the scenes featurette of the Behind the Looking Glass tour is included on this disc, but only presented in standard definition with a two channel PCM track for audio. This underwhelming footage follows the band through a couple stops in South East Asia, and offers no real insight into the band, other than to prove the fact that men never truly fully mature.

Closing Thoughts:

Fans of Toto will more than likely already own this concert of DVD, and honestly beyond the bragging rights to say you own high definition Toto there really isn't too much that warrants a purchase of this version. Sure there might be more detail in the faces and instruments of the band members, but in all honesty when concert films are playing in my house more often than not it's for the audio and the TV is off once the playback has started. People who aren't Toto fans can easily skip this title without feeling like they are missing out on some HD content, while fans may want to give it a once over to see if it's worth a purchase. Rent it.

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