Her Minor Thing
First Look Pictures // PG-13 // $24.99 // January 16, 2007
Review by Jeffrey Robinson | posted March 18, 2007
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The Movie

The 2005 movie Her Minor Thing is a romantic comedy about a woman who believes that she has finally found the right man--the right man to lose her virginity to! This woman, in her mid-twenties, has been saving herself. The movie is decent and has a few good moments, but it won't make for the perfect date movie or laughfest, as the romantic chemistry is limited and the comedy is lacking.

Jeana (Estella Warren) is a twenty-five year old woman who works on the computer staff at a Sacramento fire station. She has been dating an up and coming local celebrity, Tom (Michael Weatherly). Tom is a news reporter and being prepped to be an anchorman. For Jeana, life is great and could never be better. The only catch is that her boyfriend really wants to have sex with her, which she is unwilling to do. She is a virgin and has been waiting for the perfect moment. But she hopes it will be soon, on a special vacation they are planning to take together.

Jeana quickly learns that life is not as perfect as she thought. One evening, while getting "romantic" with Tom, he tries to get her to sleep with him, but she says no. The next day, frustrated, Tom vents about his problem to his cameraman Paul (Christian Kane). What Tom did not realize is that he was live. He told Paul about how his virgin girlfriend would not have sex with him. From that point on, Jeana's life turned into a huge embarrassment. Not only did everyone know she was a virgin, but it became a big deal. News reporters wanted the scoop, talk show hosts wanted to book her, and women activists started a group with Jeana as their role model. Her very personal, minor thing became public knowledge.

In the aftermath, Jeana and Tom break up. He starts dating Zsa Zsa (Ivana Milicevic) and Jeana follows advice from her best girlfriend Caroline (Rachel Dratch) to get even. Jeana's plot to get back at Tom isn't very good, but she wants what is hers, the tickets to the vacation they were supposed to go on. With the help of her firemen buddies, they enact a silly plot that doesn't really add much to the story. What starts to change things for Jeana is when she meets Paul. At first, they do not realize they are connected through Tom. They start a friendship that blossoms into more. It gets complicated when Jeana finds out he knows about her minor thing, and Tom tries to woe Jeana back.

The good thing about this movie includes the leading cast. I really liked Estella Warren in this role. There was just something about how she carried her character. It wasn't too serious or goofy, but just right. Michael Weatherly is also good in his role as someone who is self-centered and egotistical. He does a great job carrying that personality in a way that does not have him come off as a jerk. It is similar to his character in NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Christian Kane, however, did not do it for me. His character did not feel right in the story. Despite good performances from Warren and Weatherly, I thought the cast was lacking in chemistry. None of them fit in well with each other and I think it hurt the movie. Furthermore, the supporting cast fit into very generic roles that offered little to the overall movie.

In the end, Her Minor Thing is a decent film that probably won't work very well as a date movie. The story offers a love triangle surrounding an embarrassing factoid of someone's personal life. I thought the movie made too big of a deal out of a simple situation to the point that is it hard to stomach. In addition, the cast's chemistry was lacking, which made it hard to enjoy. However, despite all of the negatives, Her Minor Thing should make for a decent rental if you enjoy this caliber of film, but don't expect much.


The video is given in an anamorphic 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color. The picture quality is quite good. It suffers from a slight grain, but detail remains to be sharp and clear. However, there are some occasional moments when the picture suffers compression artifacts. This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen.

The primary audio track is given in English 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound. The 5.1 track is overkill. There is very little use of the surround sound capability with most activity in the forward channels. As for the quality, the 5.1 track offers dialogue that is easy to hear and music that sounds rich.

There are also subtitles included in English and Spanish, and support for closed captioning.

For extras, there is a behind the scenes featurette with a runtime of 10:44. The featurette is pretty standard with cast and crew discussing the movie, characters, experiences, and so on. In addition to the featurette, there are trailers for Her Minor Thing, Relative Strangers, The Couple, Mr. Fix It, and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.

Final Thoughts:
Her Minor Thing is a romantic comedy that tries to be more than it is. The story is about a young woman whose private life becomes public knowledge when her boyfriend accidentally reveals she is a virgin on television. The story goes on with her trying to get back at him and also the development of a new relationship with another guy. The movie had a few decent moments, but generally failed to be interesting or funny. In the end, Her Minor Thing is the kind movie that if you miss, you won't be missing out on much. On the other hand, it is not outright horrid and if you enjoy romantic comedies a lot, it will make for a decent rental.

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