Perfect Stranger
Sony Pictures // R // $38.96 // August 21, 2007
Review by Matthew Hinkley | posted August 2, 2007
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The Movie:

So Bruce Willis is the man...and Halle Berry is definitely hot. Unfortunately the two of them together does not make a good movie.

Journalist Rowena Price (Halle Berry) goes undercover to investigate the murder of her best friend Grace. Acting as a temp at an ad agency, Rowena tries to flush out the high up executive Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis) who has a reputation for affairs. With the help of her friend and fellow reporter Miles (Giovanni Ribisi) she must attempt to prove that Hill was the one to murder her friend and punish him for his sins.

"Perfect Stranger" is filled with twists and turns as we are led through a "sexy" thriller that continues to point fingers at everyone in the cast to try and confuse us. There are many different characters that are consistently looked upon as suspects and will definitely be guessing until nearly the end. Unfortunately for us, the twists and turns can be quite predictable at times and just seem too forced. We are made to believe in one thing and then forced to believe in another the next second.

Yes, Bruce Willis and Halle Berry are fantastic actors, and I would love to see them in a film that is sexy...enticing...and a true treat to watch. Unfortunately in this one not even their acting chops can get us past the unforgiving story. The one redeeming factor in "Perfect Stranger" is Giovanni Ribisi. He is fantastic to watch and does a wonderful job making us believe in his character. He is so used to a supporting role that he perfectly blends into the background and easily carries us through this one.

"Perfect Stranger" for some reason is still an enjoyable film to sit down to, relax and watch, but it definitely isn't perfect. The storyline is very flawed, the acting is okay, and it just doesn't hold up as a great thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.



Here we get a fantastic video transfer with some incredible detail. The blacks are great, the dark areas are really nice and keep their detail well, and grain is only present once and a while. The skin tones are spot on and the colors pop with great vibrancy. Unfortunately for "Perfect Stranger" the movie isn't near as good as the video transfer is. At least it is pleasing to the eyes.


Here we get a 5.1 Uncompressed track and a 5.1 Dolby Digital track. "Perfect Stranger" gets some very nice, moody music that puts us into the "thriller" mood, but sadly the music alone can't keep us in right frame of mind. The dialogue is good, the surrounds are very nice, and overall we get a nice track. Again, I wish the movie could have been near as good as the audio transfer.


Virtual Lives: Making of Perfect Stranger: Meh, cast and crew sound off as they chat about the making of...and their experiences. Nothing to really see here.

Final Thoughts:

"Perfect Stranger" just doesn't do it among the many thrillers out there. The video and audio quality are great, but the storyline and features leave much to be desired. If only "Perfect Stranger" could have had a better story, we could have had a real good movie on our hands. For fans of Halle Berry and Bruce Willis give this one a Rent.

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