BloodRayne 2
Visual Entertainment // Unrated // $26.99 // September 18, 2007
Review by Nick Lyons | posted August 31, 2007
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The Movie:
I come bearing bad news. Uwe Boll has made another lackluster film. I know you're probably thinking "This can't be true!" But alas, Boll's losing streak continues in the form of "Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance."

The story (or lack thereof) involves Rayne attempting to rid a western town of a vampire gang led by Billy The Kid. In order to save the townspeople and eliminate the evil, Rayne has to round up a gang of vampire killers to finish the job.

The main problem as I see it is that Rayne is one of the single wimpiest and most easily defeated heroes to ever grace the screen. She gets pistol whipped and knocked out by an old fart, she has to assemble a team of vampire killers because she can't do the job herself, and she gets thrashed in the climactic battle with Billy The Kid. The only reason she never croaked was because people kept saving her life. Where's River when you need her?

In addition, the movie is flat out boring. I'm glad Boll cut out a lot of the slow-motion action and focused more on drama, but there's no drama to be found here. If you have cardboard characters that have no complexity to them whatsoever, you're pretty much reduced to watching soulless characters with bad western accents interacting with one another while a sappy weepy music score accompanies the scene. It doesn't help that Kristanna Loken replacement Natassia Malthe has no screen presence. You would think Loken was lucky to escape the sequel, but she went on to do far worse- the "Painkiller Jane" TV series.

Naturally, "Bloodrayne 2" also contains all the ulcer inducing Uwe Boll-isms we've come to know and loathe and even some new ones! There's slow-motion death scenes, the dumb as nails dialogue, scenes dragging on needlessly due to a lack of editing, and vampires dying and sounding like squealing pigs, etc.

I do have one favorable comment- the location shooting was worthwhile. The western town brought a sense of realism and atmosphere to a film that virtually had none.


The anamorphic widescreen picture quality resembles an old VHS tape. Considering how much effort went into making this disk, you'd think the film would at least LOOK better.

Sound: An English 5.1 Dolby Surround track and a Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo track have been included. The 5.1 Dolby surround sound isn't going to wow you, but it fits the film. There's a good balance between the dialogue, music, and gun play.

Extras: 1. A digital comic book titled "Tibetan Heights #1." I couldn't get into the comic as I was annoyed by the comic being presented in a sideways tilt.

2. 3 extended scenes called "Mayor shoot, gets shot," "Newton is part of the west," and "Newton interviews Mayor."

3. 15 minutes of dreadful quality deleted scenes. Most scenes consist of characters riding horses. Riveting stuff.

4. A 14 1/2 minute interview with the cast and director. The memorable moments: Uwe Boll talks about ripping off John Ford and Sergio Leone and actor Zack Ward claims his performance was better than Ben Kingsley's in "Bloodrayne." Sorry to break it to you Zack, but that's nothing to brag about.

5. An eye-rolling trailer for Uwe Boll's upcoming "Postal."

6. Spanish and English subtitles.

7. A hilarious audio commentary with Uwe Boll and Mathias Neumann (who leaves halfway through). As you can imagine, listening to Uwe defend his work is priceless. Here's a sample of the memorable quotes in the commentary:

"Zack Ward can replace people like Gary Oldman."

"Even with movies like "House Of The Dead" and "Alone In The Dark," they are far, far above 95% of the new world film productions, also in the world. This is a reality."- What?? Granted, the production valies on Boll's work is superior to many indie films, but so what? Boll's films have a larger budget. Having high production values doesn't compensate for a poor script. There's a reason critics like myself are criticizing Boll's films- they are severely flawed. If Boll directed something other than mindless video games films (whose sole existence is to make money), forgot about slow-motion, and actually put his heart and soul into a project, maybe the critical response would be kinder. Don't literally bash the people who are speaking the ugly truth about the quality of your pictures Mr. Boll.

8. Disk 2 contains a Bloodrayne PC DVD-ROM videogame. Unfortunately, the game was not compatible with my computer as I didn't have a proper video card.

Final Thoughts:
Unless you celebrate the works of Uwe Boll, I can safely say "Avoid BloodRayne 2: Deliverance." Until Boll makes a film worthy of acclaim, do not contribute money to further his career.

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