Girl's High, Vol. 1
Media Blasters // Unrated // $19.95 // July 3, 2007
Review by John Sinnott | posted September 5, 2007
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The Series:

I wasn't sure what to make of Girl's High when I first put the disc in.  It seemed to be a shojo show at first glance involving a bunch of girls starting high school.  Then frequent panty shots and bawdy humor turned it into an ecchi anime.  Those aspects are toned down a bit in the later half of the disc making it seem like a situational comedy.  However you want to categorize it, Girl's High is a fairly funny show that has a few good laughs in it.

Eriko has finally made it into the high school that she was aiming for.  Along with her two best friends, Suzuki and Sato, she's about to start at Saki Girl's High, but she's a bit nervous about going to a new, and fairly prestigious, school.  To calm her fears she talks her pals into sneaking into the school the day before term starts to check it out.  While investigating the trio discover three other freshman who have the same idea:  Kouda, Himeji, and Ogawa.  These new girls assume that Eriko and company are upperclassmen, and beg them to let them in on all the high school secrets.  Not knowing what else to do, Eriko starts to bullshit, telling their peers that once in high school parents are required to multiply your allowance by ten and that everyone gets a boyfriend.

When school starts and Kouda sees Eriko in the incoming class, she realizes that she's had the wool pulled over her eyes and plans to get revenge.  When that backfires the six girls all end up becoming friends, though Eriko and Kouda never seem to see things eye to eye.  Together the new friends face the perils of high school.

This show has a good amount of humor, but a lot of it is bawdy and people who don't like a lot of sex jokes should steer clear of this one.  At one point in the first episode Eriko and her friends discover that the girls at Saki aren't nice and neat.  As one person puts it; with no boys around to impress, they can let themselves go.  This point is brought home in the swim team's locker room where they find a pile of pubic hair that someone has trimmed but didn't bother to remove. 

There are a lot of shots like this in Girl's High.

 The fan service is pretty frequent too.  When all the girls at the school have to undergo a physical, they're all required to wear hospital gowns that are slit up both sides and panties.  That's all.  There are plenty of panty shots and comments about breast sizes, with the girls doing anything they can to make their chest larger just before they are measured.  They milk these scenes for all they are worth, and some of it is pretty humorous.  The scene where one girl had to figure out how to fill a urine cup was funny, especially when the cup filled and she couldn't stop the flow.

It's not all sex humor however.  (Though they really go overboard with the panty shots.)  There's a lot of situational humor involving the new girls who really don't get how high school works.  When they discover that Himeji has lost her virginity, the other five girls force her into setting up a speed dating party that has a good number of laughs in it.  This disc also includes the school's sport's day, a standard event in all school based anime, which also is pretty amusing.

The DVD:


This disc includes the original Japanese audio track in stereo but no English dub.  That's unfortunate since I know of many anime fans that prefer watching shows in English.  I am glad that Media Blasters is at least giving us a break on the price.  The audio for this disc sounds fine and fits the show well.  Common audio defects are not to be found.


The 1.78:1 anamorphically enhanced image looks okay.  The lines are nice and tight, but there is some aliasing and a bit of blocking in a few scenes.  When the camera pans across the image, the picture becomes very jerky too, which gets old fast.  On the bright side the colors are solid and the blacks look nice.


This disc comes with some nice bonus material.  There's an interview with the Japanese voice actresses that runs about 17 minutes.  They talk about their impressions of the show and compare it to the manga and, not surprisingly, they all think it's a great show.  There is also a bonus mini-episode where the girls all go on a field trip.  It lasts approximately 10 minutes.  A textless opening is also included.

Final Thoughts:

This show has a good number of laughs in it, if you can get past the frequent fan service shots.  The six main characters are a lot of fun and though the humor is definitely adult oriented, it works more often than it doesn't.  The show isn't in the top tier of anime comedy shows, but it's worth checking out.  Recommended.

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