Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds: Live at Radio City Music Hall
BMG Music // Unrated // $29.98 // September 4, 2007
Review by Matthew Hinkley | posted October 14, 2007
Highly Recommended
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The Movie:

I was never a huge fan of Dave Matthews...sure I enjoyed his music, but I was never one of his "following." After watching Live at Radio City, I was absolutely blown away! It was such a refreshing and unique sound that I couldn't get enough of.

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds go way back. A younger Matthews was a fan of Reynolds as he performed in a local bar. Matthews ended up becoming a bartender there and they started a very unique friendship as they got to know each other better. From hours of jam sessions to band performances, they both had one heck of a career ahead of them.

Live at Radio City is one of the most impressive live discs I have ever seen. Matthews and Reynolds are 100% in sync with each other and create an absolutely perfect performance. Going away from the "traditional" band feel, Matthews and Reynolds just sit down and jam together, singing and playing the guitar. Matthews' voice is one of the most unique in the industry and resonates through Radio City beautifully. On the other hand, Reynolds is one of the most amazing guitarists I have ever heard. He is genuinely in love with playing the guitar and it most certainly shows.

I honestly couldn't stop watching Live at Radio City. Each opportunity I had, I would stick the disc back in and watch them play a couple of songs again. It is a perfect performance that I will be watching over and over again.



We have a 1080p VC-1 codec that is presented in 16x9 widescreen. All I can say is...unbelievable. This is by far one of the best transfers I have seen to date. The skin tones are flawless and the detail is terrific. It almost feels as though we are sitting in Radio City. The colors are vibrant, the contrast is spot on, and the blacks are rich...deep...and just right. The only complaint I have, which has nothing to do with the disc, is the focusing issues. Sometimes the camera would focus on the mic instead of Matthews, but honestly, it happens so little that this didn't affect my love for this transfer. All-in-all, it is one of the best transfers I have seen.


With PCM Stereo (48KHz/24 bit), Dolby Digital TrueHD 5.1 (96KHz/24 bit), and a 5.1 Dolby Digital Track (640kbps), we have plenty of audio tracks to choose from. The PCM and TrueHD really shine on this Blu-ray release. The PCM track is much louder and the highs seem to be a little muddled when compared to the TrueHD track, but otherwise they are both absolutely spectacular. The sound is sent through each speaker with such incredible detail that I honestly felt as if I was there. Matthews' voice rings through the speakers brilliantly with gorgeous clarity and perfect pitch. The guitar from Reynolds resonates so wonderfully that I had to keep listening. This track is most definitely worth a listen, and can easily compete with any of the top releases today.

As far as the Dolby Digital track goes, it is just okay...nothing special...but who is going to listen to that when the other two tracks are so perfect?


We actually get a second disc that holds the special features. There is one documentary and it is in 1080p with linear PCM sound.

"So Damn Lucky" Documentary: This documentary is made only for Matthews fans. It's got a lot of history, fans talking about their love for Matthews, and the friendship that Matthews and Reynolds have. It is put together very well and is worth a watch for fans.

Photo Montage: Yep...pretty boring, pictures set to music.

Final Thoughts:

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Radio City is one heck of a concert. I absolutely loved every minute of it and can't wait to watch it again. The audio and video are absolutely top notch and both do phenomenal jobs making us feel as if we were actually there. The features are lacking, but that shouldn't stop anyone from picking up this disc and enjoying an incredible concert. I Highly Recommend this one to anyone!

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