WWE - Cyber Sunday 2007
World Wrestling Entertainment // Unrated // $24.95 // December 4, 2007
Review by John Crichton | posted April 14, 2008
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Originally known as Taboo Tuesday, Cyber Sunday is (according to the WWE) the only PPV where the fans determine the opponents, the stipulations and the types of matches the WWE Superstars take part in. This year's Cyber Sunday originated from the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. on October 28, 2007 and is 2 hours 46 minutes long. Here's the card:

  • Stretcher Match [Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay] - Edging out a "No Disqualification"-type match by only 4%, I thought this "stretcher match" was pretty weak, especially considering Rey's high-flying abilities. Or perhaps I just didn't like the "slam someone on a stretcher and make it up the entrance ramp gimmick"? Regardless, this match didn't get the fourth annual Cyber Sunday off to a good start.

  • Divas Halloween Costume Contest [Maria, Victora & Kenny] - Maria (dressed as a cat) and Victoria & Kenny (dressed as a sumo and her sensai) stump for viewer votes. Ron Simmons puts in an appearance too.

  • ECW Championship Match [CM Punk vs. the Miz] - Uh, really? I mean, people really wanted to see "the Miz" wrestle CM Punk over John Morrison? Anyways, i'm man enough to admit he didn't do that bad during this brief match.

  • Divas Halloween Costume Contest [Mickie James & Torrie Wilson] - Mickie (dressed as an "Indian warrior princess") and Torrie (dressed as a Washington Redskins player) stump for your vote. Hey, what ever happened to Torrie?

  • Mr. Kennedy vs. Jeff Hardy - This match, the result of both gentlemen losing the viewers poll to wrestle Orton for the WWE Championship, was pretty darn entertaining. For some reason, there's a hump in the WWE that Kennedy can't seem to get over. I mean, the guy's got mic skills and he's not a bad wrestler. What could the problem be?

  • Divas Halloween Costume Contest [Michelle McCool & Melina] - Michelle (dressed like Eve - as in "Adam &...") and Melina (dressed as "the hottest showgirl on the Vegas strip") plead their case.

  • United States Championship Match [MVP vs. Kane] - Since his tag partner, Matt Hardy, wasn't cleared to compete, MVP has to defend the US belt against the fan's choice of wrestler. Kane handily beat out the Great Khali and Mark Henry to take on MVP in this ultimately disappointing match. Why "disappointing", you might ask? Well, as I mention almost every time I review a match that MVP participates in since he's won the US title - it ends with a count out. I realize that might be a trait of the character, but for the viewer it's almost as bad as coitus interruptus.

  • Divas Halloween Costume Contest [Layla & Kelly Kelly] - "Bad Cop" Layla and "Gangsta" Kelly Kelly rock the vote. Though Kelly looks more like a white girl's idea of a pimp than a "gangsta". Maybe she's a gangsta pimp?

  • WWE Championship Match [Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels] - Three weeks after making a surprising return to RAW (after being out since May's Judgment Day), Shawn puts the screws to Randy Orton and comes thisclose to winning the belt, before this match comes to a conclusion that will have fellas cringing.

  • Divas Halloween Costume Contest [Brooke & Jillian] - So, Brooke is "Jungle Girl Jane" and Jillian is "Brittany Spears". When will this end? Wait a second...did JR just wonder the same thing? My God, he did.

  • Street Fight [Triple H vs. Umaga] - 57% of the WWE home viewing audience decided that a "street fight" was the way to go. People in the arena clearly disagreed with them. I'd have to side with the crowd. This wasn't a bad match, it just suffered from JR's overdramatic commentary (I know it's his job, but still...).

  • Todd Grisham Reveals the Winner Of the Divas Halloween Costume Contest - I won't spoil it for you. Suffice to say, I don't have a problem with who the 13, 189, 061 fans voted for.

  • World Heavyweight Championship Match with Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin [Batista vs. Undertaker] - Was there really any doubt that Austin would be refereeing tonight? I think not. Did Stone Cold get involved at the end like I thought he would? Nope. Anyways, it's so much easier to come up with things to say if a match is great or if it sucks bad. This match was neither of those things. Was it a satisfying ending to this PPV? Not really.


  • Halloween Costume Diva Battle Royal - RAW 10/29/07 [6m 12s] - A bunch of Divas (I really couldn't count how many) take part in this Battle Royal. It's clear that Victoria, dressed as a Sumo (or Yokozuna), is having the most fun. Why isn't she used more? Oh yeah, that's right...so we can have more "destined-to-be-classic" Diva matches (like the one that just took place at WrestleMania 24). Is it really too much to ask for to get Divas that both look good and possess the slightest wrestling ability?

  • Home Video Exclusive - JBL Reacts [1m] - JBL rants 'n raves. For some reason, I don't think this required much acting on his part.

Video: Cyber Sunday's picture was colorful and vibrant and presented in the WWE's standard full frame 1.33:1 ratio. However, it still suffers from the occasional (usual) severe macro-blocking whenever pyro is used.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 was clear and enveloping - with JR, Lawler, Cole, JBL, Tazz and Styles primarily in the center channel, various crowd noise in the left and right fronts and some slight ambience in the rears.

While the concept's a good one, in theory,  I have a hard time believing that the fan truly determines the outcome of some things. But that's my problem. This year's edition of Cyber Sunday was a mixed bag of things both good and bad. I enjoyed Kennedy v. Hardy, Punk v. the Miz (did I just say that?), and Triple H's match (though, not the stipulation). I also enjoyed the Diva Battle Royal extra - solely because of Victoria. Would I recommend it? Sure. I'd recommend you Rent It.

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