42nd Street Pete's 8mm Madness 7: Busty Stars
Other // Unrated // $29.99 // April 15, 2008
Review by Ian Jane | posted April 25, 2008
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The Movie:

The mysterious man known only as 42nd Street Pete has been, in conjunction with After Hours Cinema, been releasing compilations of rare seventies 8mm stag loops on DVD for a couple of years now. This release, the seventh compilation, caters to those of us who enjoy the triple exploits of well endowed ladies, hence the title, Busty Stars Of The Stags. If the title doesn't clue in to what you're in store for, well shame on you, because this literally is a 'greatest hits' package of 70s big bust fetish loops.

Included here are twenty-one sizzling mini-smut-fests for your enjoyment, spread across two discs and running approximately four hours in length. Here's a peek:

Disc One:

Nero Fiddles: Susie Nero, looking dapper in a fancy red dress, and another girl pay a surprise visit to some lucky dude and an impromptu but not at all unexpected three way breaks out.

College Playmate: An unknown girl plays with herself in the shower. The phone rings and her boy toy comes over for a visit. They make out and then get it on. This one has some pretty boss subtitles burned into the print. 'Ooooh!' 'Lick it, baby!' Indeed. This one is 'To be continued!'

Coffee Clutch: Vanessa Del Rio stars in this one, where she starts the scene off by sharing a cup of coffee with some dude. From there she gets naked and has nasty, dirty sex with him in the living room on a plaid couch.

Bottle Of Wine And A Group Of Swine: A religious leader of some sort, all dressed up like a monk, is hanging out with two girls who take care of him quite nicely. Then they head outside where another monk appears with a bottle of wine. He pours it on the girls and one of them takes it up her hoo-haw right there on the lawn.

Lisa's Lover: Lisa De Leeu stars in this loop, and she starts things off solo with a toy. A blonde playmate shows up and the two girls get down to business, naturally.

Tits & Tongue: An unknown but attractive lady gets naked and showers before her boyfriend shows up and shows us his tongue, which is creepy and pointed. He uses it on her, she returns the favor, and by the time the loop ends everyone is happy and ready for a nap.

Annie's Girl: 70s Superstar Annie Sprinkle stars here, getting it on with a cute brunette friend of hers. Their dildo breaks so they call in the dildo repairman (seriously) and they have a three-way.

Super Tits: This well endowed mystery girl puts on her lingerie and struts for her man. They get it on from a few different positions and the creepy bearded man smiles lazily into the camera after a big finish.

Candy And Dick: Candy Samples stars in this black and white loop where she starts by sharing a glass of cheap wine with some lucky dude. Once she's drunk, she basically jumps the guy's bones and off they go like a pair of rabbits on the grubby living room sofa.

Raw Susie: Susie Nero is back and she and her friend start things without a second to waste. They work each other over on the plush red couch then bust out an old school electric toy that looks like it'd give Edison a heart attack.

Seka Meets Rhonda Part One: Rhonda Jo Petty and Seka, together in the same loop. Ahhhh yeah. They meet up and get it on before some lucky dude shows up and joins in. Dig Rhonda's strange tan lines. To be continued!

Chiquita East The Banana: Vanessa Del Rio and Bobby Astyr are getting it on atop a grubby mattress in what looks like an old NYC hotel room or apartment with big flowers on the walls. They get pretty creative with the, ummm, choreography here and they certainly earn bonus points for unique positions.

Disc Two:

More Than A Three Way: Annie Sprinkle is back. She walks in on two guys looking at dirty magazines, two girlfriends are with her. Everyone decides to gang up on one another and Annie plays social director. Orgy!

Seka Meets Rhonda Part Two: Seka and Rhonda are screwing around on the couch when a scraggy looking bearded dude walks in on them. He watches them for a bit and then they decide to throw a little lovin' down on him in this all oral loop.

Nice Brown Juggs: Pete's liner notes mention this loop but it's mysteriously absent on the DVD itself. Harumph!

Ass Licker: Lisa De Leeu shows up with a girl named Ginger and a dude named Ron. The smoke some cigarettes and then start up a three way at which point Lisa decides to show Ron how this loop earned its name.

Sandy: Sandy Dempsey pops up in this one! She starts off in a mini dress but quickly looses it. Her man shows his appreciation for what she's got going on and they boff on the couch. At one point she literally spins on him without dismounting, which isn't something you see too often.

Tongue Twisted: Vanessa Del Rio comes back for another round with a red headed friend in tow. The two girls start off in some lingerie and start getting down with one another, loosing clothes as they go. They bust out a toy and use it on one another, giving the couch quite a thrashing in the process.

Lisa's Three Way: A cute blonde in pigtails gets it on with a guy in a lumberjack shirt in the bedroom. Lisa De Leeu shows up and throws her boobs around like a crazy woman. A three way breaks out and by the end of it Lisa's probably got some serious rug burn from laying on the carpet like that. Ouch.

Muff Mania: Three unidentifiable ladies - a redhead, a blonde and a brunette, are hanging out in the living room playing with their toys. A dude with Caligula hair shows up and he takes a poke at each of the three ladies before finishing off and ending the film.

Artist And Model's Ball: This is a rare one starring Candy Samples and none other than John C. Holmes, the king of seventies smut! Candy is an artist and John and some other girl are modeling for her. I think. The girl lies in bed and does pelvic thrusts towards the camera and then she and Holmes get it on while Candy watches and takes care of herself before joining in and getting a piece of him for herself.

Bonus Loop #1 - Sweet Sensations: This one is titled Sweet Sensations on the DVD but the title card on this 1979 Diverse Productions loop reads Sweet Seductions. A few people are enjoying some booze and making out at some sort of swingers party in a fairly dark room. This loop cuts really quickly and features some very extreme close ups making it tough to identify anyone but there are three girls and two guys here and they all seem to be enjoying themselves.

Bonus Loop #2 - Big Tit Sampler: A cute dark haired girl and some dude are standing naked in a very Lynchian red room. They get it on atop a red couch and work it from a few different angles.



Busty Stars Of The Stages is a compilation of old 8mm loops from the 1970's, which would have been projected fullframe. Why, then, After Hours Cinema opted to crop the material to 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen is a mystery. These were meant to be seen fullframe and the cropping does hurt the compositions. This material doesn't look great to start with, it's in pretty ragged shape and shows its age, so the botched aspect ratio is a kicker. That said, as rough as some of this stuff does look, it is watchable - but it's not any better than that.. It would have been nice to see it flagged for progressive scan, but that's unfortunately not the case here.


Aside from the intros, all this material is silent and has had some simple projector sound effects added over top of it. With that in mind, the Dolby Digital Mono sound mix is fine. There aren't any problems with hiss or distortion and everything is properly balanced.


Aside from animated menus, brief video intros from 42nd Street Pete for each loop, and loop selection menus, After Hours Cinema has included two bonus loops. Bonus Loop #1: Sweet Sensation and Bonus Loop #2: A Big Tit Sampler, both of which appear in the menus with the feature loops. If you click on the 'extras' menu however, you'll find the mysterious Nice Brown Juggs that's mentioned in the liner notes. Here a lucky delivery man who looks kinda like Sonny Bono drops off some groceries to an exotic Asian beauty who invite him in and rides him like a donkey. Also included on this DVD are some Storefront Features Series Previews - essentially trailers an even dozen of After Hours Cinema's fine DVD offerings.

Aside from the bonus loops, there's a booklet of liner notes from 42nd Street Pete. Most of this material simply describes the loops but it is handy in that it points out some of the key performers. This isn't really essential reading but it does serve as a nice guide to the material included in this set and Pete writes with some genuine enthusiasm for the material therein. It would have been nice to see a still gallery of the original loop boxes included here, if only because the material is fairly rare and the packaging was often times colorful and completely misrepresentative of what was actually inside.

Final Thoughts:

This release is obviously intended to cater to a niche market of vintage smut fans, and as such, it delivers exactly what it promises - the big busted ladies of seventies porn doing what they do best. The transfer is a sore spot but even with that glaring discrepancy, this set is a lot of fun. Recommended for established fans of this type of material.

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