Flavor of Love: Season Three
Other // Unrated // $34.98 // June 3, 2008
Review by Aaron Beierle | posted June 4, 2008
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A show that some will find hilarious and others will find marks a new low in television, "Flavor of Love" is an absolute train wreck of a reality series starring none other than Flavor Flav, the former member of legendary rap group Public Enemy. After being something of a breakout hit on the reality shows, "Surreal Life 3" and "Strange Love" (a show following his romance with "Surreal" co-star Brigitte Nielsen), Flav breaks off on his own in this take on "The Bachelor", which quickly became one of VH-1's highest-rated shows.

Anyone who's seen "The Bachelor" will be familiar with how things work: Flavor Flav and 20 women (each of whom are given a nickname, because Flav can't remember details too well) are loaded into a L.A. mansion, where they'll interact (read: the women will unleash the mother of all catfights) and Flavor will end up picking one of them to potentially be his Mrs. Flav. Last time, Flav picked a girl that didn't return the love, so now it's time to gather up another group of potential nutcases, er...I mean, candidates. Jimmy Kimmel's verbal jabs at some former "Flavor of Love" candidates at the roast of Flavor Flav was met with the women flipping him off. Kimmel's fantastic response to the women, "Yes, that'll change the perceptions about you."

However, things won't be easy for the Flavettes, as one or more of the women are given the boot each week. Nearly every episode has the girls competing against one another in a series of challenges. However, the larger competition appears to be trying not to get scratched up by the other contestants. Instead of getting a rose like "The Bachelor", the girls who are picked get a clock (much like Flav's famous one) to wear around their neck.

The third season of the series generally doesn't change the format, preferring to go with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it' mentality. That's too bad, especially considering the series has gone into overtime at this point - something even Flavor seems to have realized, as he makes the announcement from a Presidential podium at the open of the first episode, declaring that this will be the last season of the series (and if you believe that...)

It's announced that people on the internet picked five of the girls, but Flavor seems displeased at the women that internet users picked for him and decides to dump four out of the five of them at the end of the first episode. The challenges don't venture far from what the other seasons have offered and include things like having the girls roast each other (and apparently not being funny was an unspoken rule of the competition), having the contestants come up with a bedtime story for a bunch of kids and writing vows for Flav, as well as a Paris trip later in the season.

I found the first two seasons of the series watchable and occasionally a funny (yet incredibly trashy) over-the-top guilty pleasure. However, VH1 took things one season too far with the series, as a third time isn't the charm (despite a bigger budget) - in fact, the series really feels stale at this point. The contestants this time around aren't as over-the-top as much as they are just plain shrill, and the challenges - while not exactly creative to begin with - have become tired.

Special Casting Special 2/3/2008 300
25 Third Times the Charm 2/11/2008 301
26 Pimp My Gurney 2/18/2008 302
27 Flava in the Kitchen 2/25/2008 303
28 Things That Go Bump On The Lip 3/3/2008 304
29 The Lyin, The Witch, and the Wardrobe Malfunction 3/10/2008 305
30 Dial "M" for Mystery Pimp Caller 3/17/2008 306
31 Halitosis Ohmyosis 3/24/2008 307
32 A Night at the Hip-Hopera 3/31/2008 308
33 Till Death Do Us Apart 4/7/2008 309
34 The Neverwed Game 4/14/2008 310
35 When Flavorettes Attack 4/21/2008 311
36 It's a Family Flav-Fair 4/28/2008 312
37 Von Boyage 5/5/2008 312
38 Flav Must Make His Decision 5/19/2008 314
Special Flavor Flav Rewind 5/12/2008 313

The show is presented uncensored on this set. In an odd move, the "Reunion Special" is not included in the set. Instead, viewers have to go online to a website and enter in a code to see the uncensored reunion show.


VIDEO: "Flavor of Love" is presented by Anchor Bay Entertainment in the show's original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio. Image quality appears to be about the same as broadcast, with images looking consistently crisp and clean, if never razor-sharp.

Aside from some minor shimmering and a couple of tiny moments of artifacting, the picture looked crisp and clean. Colors remained bright and vibrant, with no smearing or other issues.

SOUND: "Flavor" is presented with a first-rate stereo soundtrack, which clearly presents every quotable line and offers up the bass behind the tunes well.

EXTRAS: The "Casting Special" is remarkable if only to see how many women are willing to humiliate themselves for their chance at fifteen minutes of fame on this series. There's some real classy women on this featurette. Yep. "Flav's Philosophies" offers some thoughts from Flav on everything from rapping to spelling. "Girls Gone Flav" offers some lowlights of the contestant arguments from the season. "Dirty Laundry" features some dirty discussions, including one with the three finalists in the limo to the airport. "Dead Bring Bad Luck" offers footage of an incident that leads Flavor Flav to decide to take the production somewhere else until the producers convince him otherwise. "Flav and Thing 2"'s Parisian date offers more footage of the two out and about in Paris. Finally, we get a trailer for the season.

Final Thoughts: The first two "Flavor of Love" seasons were an over-the-top guilty pleasure, but - despite a bigger budget - the third season starts off on the wrong foot with an internet twist that fails and a feeling that the series has gone stale remains throughout much of the rest of the season. The DVD set provides fine audio/video quality, as well as a few supplements. Recommended only for hardcore fans of the series who want to complete their collection. Otherwise, skip it.

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