WWE: Breaking Point 2009
World Wrestling Entertainment // PG // $25 // October 13, 2009
Review by Ian Jane | posted November 21, 2009
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The Event:

A super card event held in Montreal, Quebec on September 13, 2009, making its trip to DVD a surprisingly short one. Picking up where the Unforgiven series left off, Breaking Point 2009 was a WWE pay per view event where all of the matches would be done under submission rules. The lineup for this event, however, wasn't quite as strong as some of the other more recent WWE events, but there are a few matches here that make this release worth a look for established fans.

Here's a look at the matches that make up the event, but without the winners revealed, so feel free to read on without fear of spoiling the event for those who haven't seen it.

Chris Jericho And The Big Show Vs. MVP And Mark Henry: The event starts off pretty well with this solid opening match. You can tell that the crowd is pretty pumped for this event and they all seem to be feeding off of it in the ring. With the Unified Tag Team Title hanging in the balance the two sides do a pretty solid job of duking it out for as long as they can and with as much genuine enthusiasm as they can manage. The ending won't come as much of a surprise but it's a fun ride getting there.

Kofi Kingston Vs. The Miz: This match, for the United States Championship title, starts off slow... very slow in fact. It builds to a decent enough conclusion but these guys definitely take their time starting things off and it's far from the most exciting match that you've ever seen. Kingston is a pretty dynamic contender and towards the end he delivers some of the moves you'd expect from him, but this isn't likely a match you'll want to bother with more than once.

DX Vs. Legacy: This 'submission count anywhere' match is the best one on the disc. The crowd is once again pretty pumped up for this and it's an intense bout right from time the starting bell rings. The fight starts off in the ring but before you know it all four fighters are all over the place, culminating in some positively brutal backstage action that leaves one core player in very rough shape. The ending is exciting and you won't know who is going to take it until the match is officially over.

Christian Vs. William Regal: The ECW title was on the line here but it didn't seem to inspire these guys all that much. The crowd notices this too and after the last ridiculously dynamic bout, it just seems like this isn't all that exciting. There are some tense spots and some good moves on the part of both contenders but this doesn't feel like a pay per view caliber bout.

Kane Vs. Khali: In a highly touted Singapore Cane match, Kane squares off against Khali and seems to have the upper hand throughout. Khali doesn't move too quickly which would seem to give his opponent the advantage right away but as the match builds you start to wonder if that's the case. The cane's are put to good use a few times and this match is surprisingly nasty by WWE standards - it looks really damn painful.

John Cena Vs. Randy Orton: There was a lot of build up to this highly touted 'I Quit Match' in which the loser was supposedly going to leave the WWE for good. Not surprisingly, that didn't happen but before we knew that, a lot of us were on the edges of our seats for this throw down between two of modern wrestling's biggest stars. Orton has always struck me as the better wrestler of the two - not to take anything away from Cena, who has some great moves but just seems to lack the ferocity that makes Orton such a force. This is a pretty solid match and there's a lot of palpable tension in the air as its going down, though if you've followed their feud you'll probably see the results coming from a mile away.

CM Punk Vs. Undertaker: This match starts off strong and before you know it The Undertaker has hit Punk with the Hell's Gate finishing move and it's over. The ref then calls it, stating that they'd banned the Hell's Gate move and he makes them start over. From there, it goes on a bit and then ends just as suddenly as it started. This should have been a great match but you can't help but feel shortchanged by an obvious gimmick once it ends.

All in all, this was a pretty middle of the road affair. There were a couple of solid matches but you can't help but feel a bit cheated by the finish, with a lot of fans understandably calling it another Montreal Scewjob on the part of the WWE. It's worth seeing for the DX match and the Orton/Cena match, those two are definitely the highlights, but this one lacked the excitement of some of the better events that have happened over the years.



This pay-per-view event was broadcast in anamorphic 1.78.1 widescreen and that's how it's presented on this DVD, even if the picture is interlaced. The quality is pretty decent, not showing any annoying compression artifacts e during any of the matches and only showing some minor shimmering in some scenes. Color reproduction looks alright and skin tones are fine but the black levels can sometimes be a little less than perfectly defined.


WWE Breaking Point 2009 has a strong Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound mix. There are no alternate language dubs, subtitles or closed captioning options. The audio here is fine, there aren't any obvious problems to report. The dialogue is always easy enough to understand and there are no issues with hiss or distortion worth complaining about. The 5.1 track sounds nice and full, with some nice crowd noise coming from the rear channels but it remains front heavy for the most part. There's nothing reference quality here, but the sound is good.

The Extras:

There's not much here in the way of supplements but the extras section does contain the amusing The Price Is Raw segment where Bob Barker hosts a Price Is Right style game show in which a few WWE contenders compete for cash and prizes. There's also a brief segment where Eva Torres interviews Chris Jericho and The Big Show about the results of their match with DX and about the future of their tag team partnership. Menus and match selection are provided and previews for a few other WWE DVD releases play before you get to the main menu.


It's pretty easy to go middle of the road on this one and say 'rent it' because there just isn't enough excitement to be had here, nor is there much in the way of supplements to counteract that. Breaking Point 2009 is worth seeing for the highlights mentioned, but you probably won't want to go back to it too often...

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