WWE: DX - One Last Stand
Vivendi Entertainment // PG // $29.93 // April 5, 2011
Review by Ian Jane | posted June 17, 2011
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The Main Event:

Shawn Michaels and Triple H are both formidable WWE superstars on their own, but when they teamed up as DX, they hit on something that fans really latched onto. There was a real sense of showmanship behind their work together, but so too was there a good sense of humor. Add to that the fact that their long run resulted in some of the best tag team matches the WWE has seen in recent years and it's easy to understand their enduring popularity. It all came to a close when Michaels retired, obviously, but they definitely had a good run together.

The WWE has released a few DX sets prior to this, One Last Stand, a three disc set that plays like a greatest hits of their final run together. If their last few years weren't quite as impressive as the first few and maybe relied too heavily on the whole 'Hornswoggle' gimmick (for the uninitiated, Hornswoggle was the name of their mascot, a 'little person' who was always trying to get in the game with the duo and who would frequently weird them out) but the good definitely outweighs the bad here.

Here's a list of what you'll find tucked away across the three discs that make up this collection

Disc One:

-We Need D-Generation X
-Hunting With DX
-Triple H Finds Shawn, Raw August 10th, 2009
-DX Returns To RAW, Raw August 17th, 2009
-DX Hijacks The SummerSlam Open, SummerSlam August 23rd, 2009
-DX Versus Legacy, SummerSlam August 23rd, 2009
-The Basics Of Hunting With DX
-DX Throws A Party For Mr. McMahon, Raw August 24th, 2009
-DX Hangs With Dusty, Raw August 31st, 2009
-The Price Is Raw, Raw September 7th, 2009
-DX Versus Randy Orton / Chris Masters, Raw September 7th, 2009
-Tag Team Hell In A Cell Match, DX Versus Legacy, Hell In A Cell, October 4th, 2009

The first disc kicks off with a cool intro involving the DX tank and then gives us a quick rundown of the tag team's history together. From there we see how DX got back together and went back to work, at which point we kick into the great match with Legacy. The SummerSlam 2009 content is the highlight of the first disc, though the final two matches with Orton and Masters and with Legacy again are both pretty damn respectable. There's a lot of new footage of Michaels and Triple H zipping around in the tank introducing various clips and giving a bit of commentary which is fun.

Disc Two:

-We Need D-Generation X
-Not Very Sporting
-DX Versus Chris Jericho / Big Show, Raw October 5th, 2009
-Triple H Calls Shawn, Raw October 12th, 2009
-JackSwoggle, Raw November 2nd, 2009
-DX With Ozzy, Raw November 2nd, 2009
-PedigreeSwoggle, Raw November 16th, 2009
-The Growth Of DX
-DX Versus The Hart Dynasty, Raw November 23rd, 2009
-ChristmasSwoggle, Raw December 7th, 2009
-TLC Match For The Unified Tag Team Championship, DX Versus Chris Jericho / Big Show, Tables, Ladders And Chairs December 13th, 2009
-DX-Snuggle, Raw December 14th, 2009
-Unified Tag Team Championship Match , DX Versus Chris Jericho / Big Show, Raw December 14th, 2009

Again, Triple H and Michaels are cruising around in their tank discussing some of their work together, this footage segues the various bits compiled on the disc. Hornswoggle starts to feature more prominently here, so viewer mileage may vary accordingly but the matches are solid, particularly the one with Hart Dynasty. The ongoing feud with Jericho and Big Show comes into play twice on this disc and those matches are always solid - the two collected here being no exception. It's also funny to see Ozzy Osbourne pop up here in clips from the episode of Raw that he hosted.

Disc Three:

-We Need D-Generation X
-The Willies
-Little People's Court, Raw December 21st, 2009
-The DX Mascot, Raw December 21st, 2009
-Tubby Tubberton -Unified Tag Team Championship Match, DX Versus The Hart Dynasty, SmackDown December 25th, 2009
-DX Duct Tape Hornswoggle, Raw December 28th, 2009
-DX Versus Big Show / Chavo Guerrero, Raw December 28th, 2009
-Y2Santino, Raw January 4th, 2010
-Unified Tag Team Championship, DX Versus Chris Jericho / Big Show, Raw January 4th, 2010
-DX With Iron Mike, Raw January 11th, 2010
-DX Versus Mike Tyson / Chris Jericho, Raw January 11th, 2010
-My Favorite Boxer -DX With Jon Heder And Don Johnson, Raw January 18th, 2010
-DX / Hornswoggle Versus Big Show / The Miz / "The Flame" Jon Heder, Raw January 18th, 2010
-Triple Threat Elimination Match For The Unified Tag Team Championship, DX Versus Straight Edge Society Versus Big Show / The Miz, Raw February 8th, 2010
-Blubbering Like A Girl
-Shawn's Farewell , Raw March 29th, 2010
-Two Final Words

The last disc in the set also features the tank segments, which do a good job of bookending the various clips collected for this release. Again, we've got a lot of Hornswoggle footage and this works its way into the commentary from the tank footage, though it is fairly amusing. This last disc starts off with a lot of humorous clips before heading into a couple of interesting matches, the most famous of which would be the one involving Mike Tyson in which he teams up with Chris Jericho to square off against DX. It's also amusing to see Don Johnson pop up here. Of course, it all builds up towards Michaels' retirement, and closes out very appropriately with his goodbye speech, presented very respectfully in its complete form.

Overall this is a pretty good collection - not a great one, but a pretty good one. The tank segments are humorous and do a good job of capturing the chemistry and camaraderie that made Triple H and the Heartbreak Kid so enduring to so many fans when they worked together. The bittersweet ending with Micheals' retirement is handled with appropriate maturity here and at the same time, they manage to end it all on a humorous note that is completely fitting to the legacy that these two wrestlers have left behind. Some of the matches are average, quite a few of them are well above average and none of them are complete stinkers, so you get a good share of action here. If you can look past the overabundance of goofy Hornswoggle material, this turns out to be quite a nice set for WWE and DX fans.

The DVD:


The 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen presentation, though interlaced, looks pretty decent. Some of the matches are on the softer side and aren't quite as clean and colorful looking as some of the other content is but this is generally quite a respectable looking presentation. There are times where the lights over the ring make skin tones look a bit off but this isn't a fault of the transfer or the authoring, it's simply the way the material has always looked and those who have watched previous recent WWE releases will know just what to expect. Nothing here really looks worse than when it was broadcast on television, and to some eyes it might even look a little bit better.


The same comments apply to the audio on this release - some of the earlier stuff sounds a bit flat, but most of the newer stuff sounds just fine. Everything comes at you by way of a Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track and aside from one or two instances where some of the archival clips have a small amount of audible distortion, there aren't any issues worth complaining about here.


Disc one feature a fun extras called DX Unfiltered, which is an amusing four minute bit that shows DX hanging out with a few of their fellow wrestlers backstage before heading out into the arena and the lights to do their thing. That's really about it as far as the extras on this set are concerned. We get standard menus and match selection as well. The Blu-ray release of this disc had a whole lot more extra content loaded onto it, but that content sadly was not included on the standard DVD release.

Final Thoughts:

There are better DX sets out there but fans are going to want to get One Last Stand anyway simply because it's a pretty solid document of the end of their run. Yes, it has way too much Hornswoggle on it and at times you can't help but feel that there's too much emphasis on that gimmick rather than on the wrestling itself but the inclusion of some top notch matches and Michael's complete farewell speech help take some of the sting out of that. If you're a fan of Shawn Michaels and Triple H, together or apart, consider this one recommended even if it's not their best work.

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