Workaholics: Season One
Comedy Central // Unrated // $19.99 // October 11, 2011
Review by Aaron Beierle | posted November 18, 2011
Highly Recommended
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Don't let the name "Workaholics" mislead you, because the Comedy Central series is about three friends who do pretty much anything but work. Anders (Anders Holm), Blake (Blake Anderson) and Adam (Adam DeVine) all live together and work as telemarketers under the watch of their boss, Alice (Maribeth Monroe). They spend the majority of their time getting high, referencing pop culture (including late eighties and nineties references), playing pranks, drinking and hanging out together.

"Workaholics" is definitely not for everyone. The series is geared towards a generation that will appreciate the references, bro-mance genre that seems to be popping up everywhere, and the overall indifference to cubicle work. Holm, DeVine, and Anderson along with Kyle Newacheck (who also appears in the series and directs) started out making videos on Youtube under the name Mail Order Comedy. They brought their comedic timing, writing and friendship to the set, turning out a series that finds balance somewhere between "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and the film, "Office Space."

Like most Comedy Central shows, "Workaholics" has no problems pushing boundaries, but usually manages to stay grounded in some level of reality. The pilot episode, "Piss & S**t" follows the friends as they try and find a way to pass a work drug test. This sets the premise that these aren't your average office employees, getting into situations they probably shouldn't like in "Office Campout", where the friends stay at their workplace overnight and get high on mushrooms. And they also have comical situations where Adam starts dating a woman who helps him with his body building career, while Anders and Blake are upset because they want him to perform wizard raps with them at a renaissance fair. They even meet Marc Summers in "We Be Ballin."

"Workaholics" premise isn't entirely original, but what helps set it apart are the performances. The characters are unique and their off-screen friendship certainly adds to overall experience, as well. The series will probably appeal to college students/recent graduates who find themselves in similar places in their lives, and to those who've maybe moved on from their drinking/smoking/pranking days, but who look back fondly. Overall, the series certainly isn't going to be for all audiences, but the target audiences should give it a try.

The DVD makes up for the short season (there are ten episodes) by offering several extra features that fans of the series may find enjoyable.

Season 1

1-01 06/Apr/11 Piss & S**t-The guys have to figure out a way to pass a drug test at work.
1-02 13/Apr/11 We Be Ballin'- The guys do whatever they can to get tickets to a game in order to take a girl.
1-03 20/Apr/11 Office Campout- When they can't stay at the their apartment, they spend the night in the office.
1-04 27/Apr/11 The Promotion- With a promotion available at the office, they compete against each other to secure it.
1-05 04/May/11 Checkpoint Gnarly-The guys take Alice's brother out.
1-06 11/May/11 The Strike-When their boss won't let them celebrate Half Christmas, they go on strike.
1-07 18/May/11 Straight Up Juggahos-The guys set up Jillian on a blind date that ends up with her with a Clown Posse.
1-08 25/May/11 To Friend A Predator-The guys try to catch a guy they think is a pervert and end up spending time with him.
1-09 01/Jun/11 Muscle I'd Like to Flex-Adam goes to live with an older woman, messing up their plans to rap at a renaissance fair.
1-10 08/Jun/11 In The Line Of Getting Fired-The CEO tries to offer the guys money to kill him, but they have other plans.


VIDEO: Paramount presents the series in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen. Presentation quality is perfectly acceptable, as the presentation appears about equivalent to digital cable broadcast quality. Sharpness and detail are satisfactory, as while the low-tech comedy isn't crystal clear, the picture remained crisp and mostly clean. Some minor traces of pixelation were spotted on a couple of occasions, but the presentation otherwise appeared clean. Colors remained natural and looked fine, with no smearing or other faults.

SOUND: The show is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1. There's nothing much to the show's sound design, nor should one expect much activity, given the dialogue-driven material. Audio quality is very good, with clear, well-recorded dialogue.

"Cast Interviews" The "Cast Interviews" are broken down into three categories: "Meet The Workaholics," "Office Survival Tips," and "About Workaholics." In "Meet the Workaholics," the cast talk about how they all met. In "Office Survival Tips," the cast give their advice on how to get through a work day. And in "About Workaholics," they discuss the series, how it got started, as well as the definition of a workaholic.

"Deleted Scenes" -With around 7 minutes of deleted scenes, the majority are humorous extensions of the episodes. While not necessary, fans will likely enjoy.

"Digital Originals" -There are nine digital shorts that feature the friends working, hanging out talking, and one bet to eat a doughnut that was in the toilet.

"Alternate Takes" -The alternate takes are an entertaining collection of alternate versions of lines and scene takes that's definitely provide some laughs.

"Live at Bonnaroo" -Adam, Anders and Blake perform on a sketch on stage, including a song.

"Audio Commentary on All Episodes" - Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, Adam DeVine and Kyle Newacheck provide commentary for all the episodes on the DVD. Throughout the commentaries other crew members join in like Writer/Show Runner/Producer Kevin Etten in "We Be Ballin'." The group, in keeping with the series, are drinking and commenting on the episodes, and providing not only some information about the episodes and behind the scenes information/thoughts, but they have conversations that feel straight from the show given that the three are friends in real life.

"Shart Stories" -Adam, Anders and Blake each share a personal shart story.

Also included is an "Extended Catherine Zeta-Jones Song," "Extended Ders Rap," "First Look Trailer" and an access code for three free songs.

Final Thoughts: "Workaholics" is definitely not for everyone, but does provide some solid "Office Space"-style laughs.

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