F.A.R.T The Movie
Creative Light Home Video // Unrated // $19.95 // November 27, 2002
Review by Blake Kunisch | posted February 9, 2003
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Will Artie be able to keep his chin up and his cheeks closed?

The Movie:  When I originally received this movie, I was expecting a completely different movie.  Yes - another FART: The Movie.  It's hard to believe there's one, let alone two movies centered around flatulence.  The first Fart I saw was about 12 years ago while vacationing in Lake Tahoe.  The previous resident had left it there, and my friends and I got quite a kick out of it.  Stupid as it was - and boy was it stupid - there's always something funny about farting.  Juvenile?  Sure.  Funny?  Of Course.

Starring the Farley Brothers (related to the comedic genius, Chris Farley), this odd-ball comedy starts out innocently enough, with a mom in labor and her hippy husband by her side.  After being born, come to find out, the kid has a gastro-intestinal disorder causing him to fart whenever nervous or excited.  We then progress quite a few years and catch up with the brothers at college - attending "Buck U" - as they try and fit in amongst the other students, including joining a fraternity.

Young Artie (Seth Walther) - the farter - has trouble fitting in - wonder if it's because he looks like 30 and a senior in college (a flashback to his freshman year doesn't present him as any younger) - or maybe it's his flatulence problem - we may never know.  Of course, young Artie falls in love, pines after the woman he can't ever have, and the love story begins.  Comedic at times, the film tries too hard to be something it obviously is not.  Whereas the first Fart knew it was a bad film, and didn't try and overcome a budget of $100, this one attempts to have more than comedy - an actual story - but fails miserably.

This decidedly low-budget film (albeit not even close to the crap that was the first Fart: The Movie) features bad acting, a poor script, and non-existent direction.  But then again, the movie is about farting, so really...did you expect a masterpiece of cinema?  While it's fun watching Kevin Farley as he looks like his brother at certain times, he's just not as funny as you would expect, and ultimately, this film flounders from start to finish.

Next time I think I'll try out Jurassic Fart or A Fart of Monk.

Extra Features:  The disc features a trailer for the film - not much to expect there - and six minutes of outtakes, that are at time funny, but more often than not - just downright stupid.

The Video:  Presented in 1.33:1 - your standard TV ratio - Fart: The Movie actually looks pretty good for a film with such an obviously low budget.  Most likely shot digitally, the pictures are quite crisp and while the dark scenes could use some more lighting, on a whole, the film doesn't look half bad.  What is odd though is that the outtakes show a widescreen matte, yet the film is not in a widescreen aspect ratio.

The Audio:  The film is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo sound.  Surround would have been nice, but obviously too much to ask from a film of this caliber.  Despite the stereo-only audio, it is easy to hear what's going on, and on the whole, is quite acceptable.

Etcetera:  A couple peeves with this disc - there is no Menu option while viewing the film, so there's no way to get back to the menu once you've started the film or the outtakes.  Also, before the movie starts, there's a one minute advertisement for some random video.  You can fast forward through it, but you can't advance using the chapter advance buttons - a minor annoyance, but one nonetheless.  I don't think we should be bombarded with ads unless there's a menu option for previews or trailers.

Conclusion:  A decidedly horrible movie, the farting doesn't add the level of comedy one would expect (or at least, what I expected after already being exposed to another Fart: The Movie).  The film quality itself (video-wise) isn't all too bad, and the audio is acceptable, but with skimpy extra features (just a trailer and outtakes), the only reason to buy this film is for the movie - which is very hard to recommend.  Skip this one and save your money for some other film with fart jokes - like American Pie.

What's the deal with your ass man?

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