We Without Wings: Season One
FUNimation // Unrated // $64.98 // October 8, 2013
Review by Kyle Mills | posted November 22, 2013
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Based on a visual novel that was derived from a popular series of games, at first glance We Without Wings is nothing but yet another fan service series. Make no doubt about it, this show is not your typical Harem anime... It turns out We Without Wings is actually much deeper with unique twists and a deep plot. While you're watching this series, you will be asking yourself "what the hell is going on!?"

We Without Wings focuses on the stories of 3 different characters. The 1st is Haneda Takashi (voiced by Joel McDonald.) Takashi is your typical awkward teenager who lives at home with his sister, Naru, and spends his time with his fake girlfriend (they are going together as a cover.) Takshi has a secret though, he's able to cross to an alternate world where he rules as a type of King.

The 2nd is Hayato, or better known as "Drac" (voice of Scott Freeman.) His nickname if you haven't guessed already is based on "Dracula" since he has a habit of only being out at night. Drac is a tough guy and is considered a "fixer", while also going job to job. He also put right in the middle of a gang war because of being with the younger sister of a gang leader.

The last character of focus is Shuuske (voiced by Rico Fajardo.) Shuuske is known as a pervert among women, he hangs around a cafe called Alexanders and ends up striking up a conversation with a girl who is actually the author of a book he's reviewing for work. To get closer to her he takes up a job there.

To delve any deeper into the story of the characters would be spoiling the entire series, while there are small hints dropped throughout the series, there is a twist that reveals the three do share a common bond that ties them all together. This is able to turn We Without Wings from a basic fan service show into one that actually demands the viewers attention as the story moves along, which is something I appreciate.

We Without Wings is definitely a series that will benefit from re-watching, you will want to re-watch just so you can go back and realize all the little hints that are dropped leading up to the twist and to grasp some things you may have missed.

As a warning to some that are put off by fan service, We Without Wings is essentially a soft core porn. There is one thing in particular that disgusted me... there was a girl who looked to be about 12, walking around trying to hook up with various characters. The OVA is also included in this set and it's appropriately titled "90% More Skin."

- Positives: - Replay value. It will be better on re-watch, once you know the twist, it will be easier to follow, you'll want to go back and look for the hints dropped throughout and you'll understand everything happening.

- Not your typical Harem/Fan service anime, which is EXACTLY what I thought it was going to be.

- Negatives: - A bit of a sloppy ending. After everything is built up, the twist happens, and then everything is rushed to wrap things up in the final episode. We are left with some loose ends.

- The series is a bit disjointed.

Video and Audio
The animation for We Without Wings is quite excellent. The background shots can be beautiful. The color palette was vivid, and the animation throughout the series was slick.

For Audio, we're offered 2 options, the 1st is an TrueHD English 5.1, and the 2nd is a TrueHD Japanese stereo. I watched the English dub, and as usual it was great. The dialogue was crisp and clear, and the soundtrack was nothing really special in the series.

Extras: - Episode 04 commentary with Scott Freeman (Drac) and Zoe Latimer (Naru.)

- Episode 08 commentary with Joel McDonald (Takashi) and Rico Fajardo (Shuuske.)

- Textless opening and closing songs.

- U.S. trailer.

- Trailers.

The limited edition set also comes with a chipboard art box that shows off a bit of fan service.

We Without Wings is an OK show. If you're looking for something different than your typical Harem/Fan service anime, then this is for you. This series retains the fan service/Harem aspect while also delivering a complex plot that should be better on second viewing. Recommended

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