Justice League Adventures: Trapped in Time
Warner Bros. // PG // $19.98 // May 20, 2014
Review by Kyle Mills | posted July 1, 2014
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The Justice League sealed away Lex Luthor in a tomb of Ice, locking him away for 1000 years to come. However, in a time where the Justice League is no more, a freak accident causes Lex to be unthawed, letting him wreak havoc after finding the timekeeper, plotting to get his revenge on the Justice League by bending time, and taking them out before they even form the team. It's up to young hotshot, Karate Kid, and his level headed friend, Dawnstar, to trevel back in time and warn the Justice League of their impending doom.

The opening of the film follows Lex Luthor (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) who decides to take over the world by expanding the polar ice caps, but as usual, The Justice League shows up and there is an all out battle between them and the Legion of Doom that ends with Lex's presumed demise.

Flash forward nearly one thousand years and Lex has been found at an unspecified time in the course of the year, frozen solid, and put into the Legion of Superheroes' museum. Enter Karate Kid (voiced by Dante Basco), a young upstart who wants to prove himself as a superhero, accidentally lets him out. Upon Luthor's release, he's able to find out certain things about the past, as the museum contains both the knowledge of Superman's secret identity and a working time machine in the form of the mysterious, Time Trapper (voiced by Corey Burton.) With the help of the Time Trapper, Luthor returns back to the world he knows to once again recruit his Legion of Doom and together they set out to just erase the Justice League from existence once and for all.

It's not long before the Karate Kid, along with his much more level headed partner, Dawnstar (voiced by Laura Bailey), jump through the portal themselves and set out to find Superman (voiced by Peter Jessop) and Batman (voiced by Diedrich Bader) to prevent them from being erased from time. With the help of Aquaman (voiced by Liam O'Brien), The Flash (voiced by Jason Spisak), Wonder Woman (voiced by Grey DeLisle), Cyborg (voiced by Avery Kidd Waddell) and Robin (voiced by Jack DeSena)... Karate Kid, Dawnstar, Superman and the rest of our heroes set out to put an end to Lex's plans for world domination once and for all.


+ Hands down the best scene of the movie is when the Justice League and Legion of Doom play superhero football with baby Superman. This actually had me laughing quite a bit.

+ It was fun. + The ending was good.

+ Some great action sequences.

+ The opening scene, which is just an all out battle between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom.


- The Karate Kid was atrocious. He annoyed me in every scene he graced his presence with (which was pretty much the whole movie, he had more screen time than the Justice League themselves.)

- The cheap way Lex is released from his iced prison.

- The general artwork was pretty bad at times. Every character looks radically different. Special mention goes to Superman and Robin.

- Superman and Batman are just kinda... there. They don't do much other than show up and say things like "I will defeat you Lex."

- The dialogue is terrible at times.

- Plot inconsistencies.

Video and Audio:
Another negative about Trapped in Time is the artwork. The animation at times is choppy and inconsistent, with every character we know and loved, designed completely differently. All of the characters looked like mixes of past incarnations, with the end result turning out somewhat poor. The action scenes were handled extremely well though, they're animated beautifully.

The 2.0 Dolby track works well enough for the film, the voice acting was far from top notch, I never liked Bader as Batman, and many of the other performers aren't very good either, I wasn't too impressed with Tatasciore as Luthor, and since he's essentially the lead of the film, his performance was the most crucial. However there were some very good performances from the cast, Laura Bailey for me was probably the standout, she handled the part of Dawnstar extremely well. The music in the film never overtook any of the scenes, be it an emotional scene or an action sequence. There were no audio dropouts or distortions.

Extras: - Two bonus cartoons from the vault is all you get in terms of extras.

Overall, JLA: Trapped in time isn't a total waste of time. The plot if full of inconsistencies, watered down characters, dialogue clearly geared toward children, and the film is just plain cliché. The real positives to mention are some pretty decent action scenes. The movie is fun at times as well, but I just can't help to say Skip it, because this is one of the weaker efforts I've seen from DC.

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